1. wwwillie

    Fast Buds Bang Bang!! WWW grows some Six-Shooter!!

    Hey! Late to the party, but what else is new!! I am looking to get started this weekend as long as everything goes as planned. This is going to be a blast. A bit nervous about filming it all. I think sheesh, am I really gonna show the world what a crazy ass gardener I am! Argh... Well the only...
  2. wwwillie

    DIY DIY Time Lapse Camera +

    Hey! Here I am with another project! This time we're making a time lapse camera. Why? Well I have always wanted to make my own time lapse grow movie for one and just cause for two and three because it is so darn cool. Not to mention it can be used for many things other than a time lapse device...
  3. wwwillie

    Indoor WWWillie is stompin' some Grapes

    Hey! Well here we go. I was generously gifted some Mephisto Grape Crinkle so when the Short Stuff Himalayan Orange Diesel cam in I decided to do a quick run of them both. I also decided to journal them as I am doing some things differently and it was time to do a journal. First off let me start...