1. BlakStarr

    New Grower Nugs not fattening

    In order, Triple XL - i49, Wedding Cake - i49, Zkittles - Herbies Freebie, Gelat.OG - Seedsman. Haven't been the best at fattening my nugs, however the zkittles from herbies has consistently been a small plant. Wouldn't be so bad if the nugs would get fat however they haven't grown much. All...
  2. S

    More light or more plants???

    What's up AFN. I recently purchased a larger tent and will be running more light for my next grow. I have a 5x5 tent and 4 3500k cobs from Cobshop.net. I have seen most people recommend running one light per plant, but I am wondering if it would be better to run 2 cobs per plant? My question...
  3. T

    Is this info correct?

    Concerning my 1000w MH, I asked people how high it should be above the plants since I'll be starting with it from germ. "100% in ballast all the way or if your worried run it at 50% for the first two or three weeks. I had a 600W at 100% since sprout. Start as high as it goes for seedlings ...
  4. The Farmacy Seeds Network

    Critical Points of Influence Discussion and Example:

    An example of what CPI can do for crop yield:
  5. W

    Live Stoners Beginner grower need some help

    Hello fellow growers :) I have a 3x3 tent with 400W hps dual spec. Proper air vent etc. My question is that we germinated 10 auto seeds (skunk#1,bigbud,whitewidow) because we tought not all of them gonna sprout, but 7already came up. If all germinate what can I do with that small tent? Should I...
  6. Loco

    New Grower 138 watt led ufo yield ?

    How much do you guys think i would yield off a 138 watt ufo in a 2 gallon pot picking a strain sativa? Im asking to decide what the average yield would be so i can decide to grab 150 watt ufo led Plus i already have a 138 watt so 138+150=288 watts
  7. riviera123

    New Grower I only got 10 to 11 grams per plant on auto flower grow

    I grew auto flowers twice the first strain was a AK 47 auto i did under cfl mostly got like 10 grams on one plant. Then i tried one Fast and Vast under 400 w hps and got 11 grams on one plant. What am I doing wrong ? I did lst them was that it ?
  8. SpaceGod

    New Grower I Need Nutrient Help/1st Grow Advice/LED Advice

    SETUP : 20 Autoflowers(pineapple express, cherry bomb, girl scount cookies, blackberry kush, purple kush, all fem) in a 9ft length/6ft width/7ft heigth. With 4 300w Mars Hydro Full Spectrum using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and water all at 6.5ph in 5gallon smart pots with proper ventilation, 60%...
  9. T.C. Bosby

    Grow Mediums Bubble Flow Buckets System?

    This is my first foray into autoflowers. I've been reading up on various ways of trying to make the best out of my 5x5 grow tent. If I were to pack the tent, due to its location, I'd have a tough time getting to plants towards the back. I'd be able to water them, but trimming (dead leaves or...
  10. E

    New Grower Hey guys need some genius advice so I came to AFN. R&B or NW? COB or normal LED? Big yielders? etc

    Hi AFN heads, just toying with ideas for my next set up and would appreciate some input.. (not a new grower but never done auto or indoors so technically new) I have a couple Qs and would be grateful for any advice. 1. Are COB lights better than normal LED in terms of harvesting a large...
  11. Buddy Barrel

    Lighting CFL BATTLE Vertical vs Horizontal

    Hey everybody I just started growing my own, using CFL There are plenty of you out there using these kind of lights all with different results. Now i like to challenge all of you to put in your experience and decide once and for all... how to use those watts to the max potential!!! first...