6 new autoflower seed


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Aug 28, 2011
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I germinated 6 new autoflower seed--3 are white widow xxl auto and 3 are amnesia autos.all 6 opened,2 out of the 6 lost cap on day one but had little tap root.the caps came off however the first growth is not trying to open like the other 4 .the 4 are growing good however the other 2 just sit there no growth in 2 days under alight 24/7---any ideas
Part of the membrane from the seed casing may be stuck on the tip. You could try to mist them gently with some water which might soften things up enough to get movement...
thanks i tried that--it seems the 2 seedlings did not produce a tap root--or very small one ---tops were open at germination but the 2 had a green top with no taproot.i placed in soil with green showing but there is little tap root to feed them
i guess what i am trying to say is--when i put seed in water to soak in 12 hours 4 had tap root and all came up.the other 2 seed were came out of shell in water and had a large head but no tap root.
The longer they have an issue the less likely they are to produce well for you. May be best to replace them if you can...:pass:
will leave for awhile but you are probably right.as far a replacing them i have 2 cream of crop autos--5 sweet seed mix as well as the white widow and the critical autos at a few days old so im good to go without them.i also have 4 9 pound hammers reg seed for a seed grow and 1 nacole kush reg and 1 heavyweight seed fem and 2 critical jack herer fem all within 3 weeks old
:smoking: littleT --- gaaahhh, I had two of those this year!:cuss: total misfires mate, nothing to be done,.. all seeds are a wee gamble truth be told,... sometimes you get duds! .... hey is that Dinafem's WW- XXL? ..seeing a lot of great results from her, and showing excellent mold resistance for our friends in Canada,....
Where you been hiding T? You haven't been around in a minute or two.. Good to see you.
thanks man---im a grandpa to my 4 and 1 on the way grand kids===i am 65 going on 25 but they do take up alot of my time lately.i also took up rc heli flying and have a room full of them and i play guitar<30 yrs now> so i still pratice every day---not like the old days where you need the band ---now i have backing tracks so no band needed--------