7 Double Grapes under 220w cobs in 1/2 gal pots


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Oct 16, 2016
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Hello, I have 7 Double Grapes under 220w Cobs and in 1/2 gal pots. They are at about day 22 now and doing well.
Ok, I started feeding Bloom nutes today. Here they are day 27 from seed. Day 1 Bloom nutes. Will feed Bloom nutes from week 4-8ish with additional things along the way. Then flush.
BTW, I have a freebie Skunky Monkey in a small cup in that area. I will take it out when I get more Coco and transplant it. Once transplanted it will go in another flower area. With these plants and these small pots I could do 9 Double Grapes Max in that 4x4 area. I will spread these out and move the fan and see what 7 produces. I am confident that they will yield about 2oz per plant dried. So I predict 14oz dried.
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So let's do the math and see what my predicted yield will potentially do GPW. I am only running 220watts and predict 14oz. 28×14=392g

392g÷220= 1.78 GPW
Let's see how close I get in about 6-7 weeks!
If I did 9 it would be...

504÷220= 2.29GPW.

Of course this is if I average 2oz per plant. I have never done this strain, maybe I will get less per plant or maybe more. But I think 2 is a good guess. I will say that these Double Grapes are growing very well and there are 3 ahead of the game, but they all seem to be more Indica looking. I also have 2 taller phenos that are not flowering yet, they are all doing well.