Gnome Automatics Anvil auto feminized.

How’s this going for you so far, @sidfinch?
How’s this going for you so far, @sidfinch?

I've got a purple pope outdoor on day 59ish that's huge, about 4ft tall and starting to stack. I'm guessing it has 3 weeks left.

I'm probably popping some Anvil and Blackstrap for my second session of summer autos. I need to start those soon.

BTW, OldSageSeeds has Anvil, Blackstrap and Bobby's Widow for 20% off right now in case anyone needs to grab some mandalorian (or firebudz, twenty20).
Anvil autofem. Let’s see how this goes!
Sprouted about 8 weeks ago, germinated in final medium and container. Topped her at 5th node and cleared all growth underneath the 3rd node. Indoor 2x2, organic soil grow, 10 gallon Grassroots fabric container. Expected her to grow a bit more before showing sex, but I've only grown photoperiod before this. Stoke levels through the roof.