Are my girls stunted???!!!

Lildab is spot on with the watering. Before your next grow fill up your pot with whichever soil you prefer, then fully saturate that thing with water. It will take a while for it to soak in as much as it can but after it will not take any more and has stopped running off lift it and get a good idea of how much it weighs. Rule of thumb is to water when the pot is about half that weight. Also in soils you wanna do your best to run off as little to none if possible. Its tricky and takes practice but that keeps all the amendments in the soil instead of the runoff. Remember plants need water but roots need to breathe too. So constantly putting water in there if the soil is damp will actually suffocate the root system a bit. By the way what's the humidity like in your grow space? Too low will cause rapid evaporation and dry out your pots quick. Also hurts the plant, taking in water too fast can result in "overfeeding symptoms" even though they may not be over fed, just drawing up water too fast.

Once you switch over to the wicking bases the wicking action will get keep it at a good level but keep any eye on the top portion, sometimes you will still have to top water a bit every now and then
Yeah, that's what I'm having to do now, they're wicking water up from the base for sure, but that only saturates the bottom 3rd of the pot, so I'm making sure to keep the top damp as well, which was a problem earlier on considering the fact that my humidity levels were stuck around the low 30% range, but I have a reptile fogger blowing into the tent now, which brought the humidity up to the high 40s to low 50s. Watering has always perplexed me, and fearing over watering, I erred on the side of caution, probably too much. I use dry amendments, and wanted to avoid runoff as much as possible, as to avoid literally pouring my money down the drain. lol. You live and you learn, right... lol


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