Assessing Seed strains


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Jul 16, 2021
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When picking a seed what should I be looking for? Seems like a simple question but there are so many strains out there. How can you tell if its the best choice for your grow? There are so many exotically named seeds on the market. When is it something really special vrs just another Indica/Sativa hybrid? Are there “crappy” seeds out there?
Its a pretty open question, I’d love to hear your opinions.
Yes there are crappy seeds out there. My opinion is that the poor storage of seeds and the advanced age of the seeds is the cause of most problems.
Choosing auto-flower seeds is like choosing a wine. It really is about your preferences, just as the taste of a wine is a personal preference.
The strain review thread has a lot of input about various strains. Also look at the various grow journals here that are using a strain you may be considering.
When you pick a seed you should be looking at grow journals using that seed, the reputation of the seed bank, and decide what traits you a re looking for.
You need to watch this video on breeding marijuana with VaderOG. Lots of good info on how a strain is bred and the problems involved in keeping a hybrid stable.