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May 22, 2017
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I accidentally topped an auto while LSTing it. I rooted the top half and have reversed it with CS to collect pollen. Can I use the pollen to polinate the same plant I got the pollen donor from?
Ok cool. I've read some things about Inbreeding causing hermaphrodites. As well as breeding 2 autos of the same strain bringing out more of the dormant ruderalis traits. It's my first try making seeds. I guess I'll see how it goes and try to remember to update this thread. It's a purple strain so I have several crosses I want to try.
Its called selfing. Its done quite often. Good luck with the breeding! I have a few auto breeding projects I'm working on at the moment myself. I just took a cut of my stardawg auto to grow out and reverse (or self) for pollen.
generally the plant to be reversed should be started about 3 wks before the mother plant is started, this is because the time it takes for the reversed plant to start dropping pollen would be timed for the mother plant to start receiving the pollen, the seeds need at least about 6 wks to cook and mature
Ok good to know. I guess I'll try a branch and save some for a cross I want to try. With an auto it'll need pollinatated as soon as it starts to flower not several weeks in. It's my first try at breeding. And I'm new to autos.
I have to give a thumbs up to Critical Mass Collective. It is an auto mendo mass that I snapped the main stem on. It didn't hesitate a bit. Had new growth the next day and is now my largest plant. I've never seen a plant be topped without it causing a couple week delay. I don't know if this is an auto characteristic or a strain trait but I like it.
Autos are tough bro, good luck on the crossing w clone pollen!!!! I hope the trend picks up!