Banana Kush and .. ?

Jun 24, 2021
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I'm a new grower, old smoker. I'd like some expert eyes to help identify one of my 2 plants. I bought 2 Banana Kush auto seeds, which have germinated, vegetated, flowered and one, I think is about ready to harvest. I need some help identifying and some advice on harvesting.
Problem is, they are completely different and have been since about week 3.
Both have had exactly the same treatment, never been more than this apart. They had a slow start because I didn't have the kit or knowledge about nutrients. Wasn't until abt. week 6 I got a proper light (spider farmer SF1000).
It is now end of week 11.
Here they are next to each other. Left and Righty. Lefty is, I believe banana kush. Righty, obviously isn't .. is it ? Maybe Fat Banana ?


Lefty's trichomes on the top buds are mostly cloudy with mostly brown pistils, clear on the lower buds with white pistils. Some leaves are dying slowly.

Should I harvest the top bud (not a big fan of couch lock) and leave the rest until they are ready ?



Righty's trichomes are clear, mostly white pistils, but she is dying fast.
Any tips on keeping her going until she ripens some more ?


Thank You for any help.

@johnwill :welcome:Welcome to AFN:welcome:IMHO you have a ways to go still. Your buds will get much fuller and all of the pistils will be orange or brown and even purple in some strains. Anyhow let them girls put some weight on. I just harvested this girl and she is a bit early. We have a heatwave coming so chop chop.

I haven't grown those strains but maybe what you're seeing is different phenotypes of the same strain. I'm currently growing some Blue Haze and seeing 2 different types. One grows straight up, short and with dark leaves and basically no side branches unless you bend it. I have one that looks like it's going to be a straight cola top to bottom, currently about 30" tall. Another of that type I bent, so it threw a bunch of side branches that all look like they will end as solid colas for their entire length. The other type is taller, lighter colored leaves and more spindly. I'm looking forward to comparing what comes from them. I have friends growing it also that are seeing the same thing. You would never really guess they were of the same strain. Enjoy your harvest when the time comes. :thumbsup: