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Jul 26, 2017
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hello eveyone and thanks in advance! Ok so this is not my first grow but I still consider myself a newb. I have three PE plants growing in coco(50/50), in their 8th week, all getting the same feedings of GH flora series + bud ignitor(just stopped) + big bud.

Two of the three plants are healthy but the third is showing signs of nitrogen deficiency even though it should be getting enough with the nutes I'm giving her. She is also showing signs of pretty bad nute burn, which I have been flushing with ph water every other feed, and it still doesn't show signs of stopping.

Now with the nitrogen deficiency, every day I check on her she has more lower leaves turning yellow. The are all older leaves or inside the lower canopy and ranged from 3-5 leaves a day, which is way to many in this stage of flowing. Also I have noticed all the little wispy growth near the bottom of the plant is shriveling up and turning brown.

I usually ph the water to around 5.8 but after reading it could be a ph problem I have been trying a range from 5.8-6.2. I am at a loss with what to do and just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I tried lowering the amount of nutes I was giving her to try and stop the burn but it didn't seem to help. The only thing different that I have done this grow that I didn't do the other successful grows I e had, is adding the bud ignitor. Could that possibly be the problem?

Anyway I will take pictures when I get home as I am at work atm. Thank you for any help or advice you have!
Check with you later.
Hi, ph is a good start point.
Alright I got some picture this morning. I also flushed with 6 gallons of water(3 gallon smart pot) then fed another gallon with some cal mag in it as it's coco. So we will see how she does.

She was the healthiest of the three while in veging now she is slowly dying. The other two do not have the leaf burn and maybe 1-2 leaves turning yellow every 4-5 days which I feel may just be normal nitrogen moving during flowing.


These next two are of the under growth that is shriveling up and dying.

I think this is nute burn but could possibly be zinc deficiency? This incujuntion with the other problems are recking the plant.
Here are the other two for reference. Getting the same feed, same ph, same breeder and strain.



...looks like typical N defc. from the tapping of the fans, normal as you know,... maybe some Mg defc on leaves with interveinal fading,... always keep ca-mg going in with coco, which is a Ca hog, mg to a lesser degree,... have you researched coco's unusual CEC properties? it's fairly easy to screw up this cation balancing act with it,... flushing needs to be done differently from true soil which coco is anything but,... RO/Di water, with 150ppm Ca-Mg, 150ppm nutes, pH 6.0,... flsuh through, testing pH and TDS/EC to see when input is at or close to run-off,... this blend preserves coco's cation buffering (not pH in this case),... check out what they have to do to coco initially just to make it plant safe! Aged outside, rinsed often, just to purge the Na and excess K from it,..then more final prep cation buffering.rinsing before it's ready,...
I just looked up CEC, an interesting read. Before when I would flush between feedings I would try to always put cal/mag, but now I will try what you suggested. I have a tds meter which I hadn't been using. I started using it yesterday. My feeds are just below 500 ppm right now. Always trying to learn more. This is just my third grow in coco and I new things went a little too well my first two grows!

A couple of other things that are different this time around. Moved in with my fiancée so different growing space and base water( running hot due to closet grow and summer time). Using cocotek instead of the no name coco I used before. Used bud ignitor. I think that's it. Anythoughts on the burnt tips? Figured it was nute burn but I don't think I am over feeding. Thanks for the help!
:smoking:- great! yeah, I myself haven't run coco yet (not good for outdoors, and I like true soil too much!), but working in here, I've had to learn-by-proxy! :rofl: ...since coco is so nutrient poor by itself, and the great breathing, draining and water holding propeties, it's almost like hydro in some ways,... drain-to-waste feeders use milder ppm inputs like hydro because it's a constant input,.. also 15-20% run-off is wise to keep salt build-ups from getting too high, more if you use tap water (low ppm water is better, easier to deal with)... hence the TDS/EC meter- :thumbsup: ... my mate Arty-Zan says (assuming RO/Di water use) start off seedlings at about 0.5EC (1.0EC = 500ppm American) and ease up to about 1.1 by mid-life, 5.5pH,... bloom you can raise it up a little more to 1.5+, 6.0 pH, IF they seem okay,.. watch the tips for yellowing/burn, that's the back-off point,... and different strains will want and tolerate different levels, so always ease into elevations,... no gospels sung here is the point, just a general idea on parameters,... oh, also, pot size needs not be large because iof it's properties; many i know use 1.5- 2gal pots, 3 max. for most applications,... you can grow monsters in small pots with coco, but it's high maintenance! My buddy Bromeo could get 1oz plants all day long in 32oz cups... if he feed twice a day!
Oh yes, there are skanky brands of coco, often the stuff used for reptile cages (no need for such buffering there!), which is cheaper, but don't be fooled,..bricks are OK from quality brands, but i think the ready-to-use bags are tops-- but more $$,..... Canna Coco is world famous (check out their website for info! :thumbsup:), but there are several good brands,...