Beat the Heat !

Micron Creek

Feb 22, 2014
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Here in the Middle of the Summer Season. Everyone trying to stay cool. How to manage heat?
I have a tent, with an air conditioner and 2 oscillating fans cooling the place. 400 watt hps.
Had trouble keeping ambient air temperatures below 85 degrees. No wonder with triple digits for weeks.
I tried putting frozen gallon jugs in the tent, no real change. I ended up having to run this air conditioner 24/0, still had issues.

1 thing I have done in the last 2 weeks has worked. This is common sense, but it escaped me for a while. I stopped concentrating on cooling the inside of the tent.
Instead I concentrated on cooling the Ballast. I have a digital/dimmable ballast. I focused all cooled air on the Ballast. Turned air conditioner and fan stream from tent to the Ballast. Ambient temps were always hovering at 85 degrees, then they lowered to 78 at first, then to 75 degrees.
A change of 5 to 10 degrees. I didn't say anything prior because I couldn't be sure.
It has been 2 weeks, this actually works.
Cool Down Those Ballasts!
Tag me if you see a change.