Blackstone question


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Apr 11, 2017
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Im hoping somebody has seen this before and can offer some advice. I started 2 Blackstone seeds, one came normal but the other lagged behind and when it popped it appeared to have the seed hull still attached to the stalk but has since opened completely and is now exposing the first green leaves. While I was waiting on the second one, and not having much confidence, I started # 3 and it is doing the same thing! I haven't seen this before, I'm new to growing, and since it has happened twice, I just thought I would ask the question - Should I be concerned with this issue now and will it affect plant growth as it progresses? Thanks in advance for your knowledge and time.
It isn't very often that one will plants seeds that will grow at the same speed. You should't expect that. I've grow the same strain next to each other, same medium/nutes etc and one grows tall, the other short/fat. Patience is needed when growing auto's. Give it time.
I've got seed hulls riding the stem too. Both my LSD-25 seedlings are on day 13 and have the second set of true leaves and hulls about an inch above the soil. I planted germinated, short tailed, seeds 1/4 inch down in coco/perlite mix. The hulls are split and I am sure they will drop off as the stem thickens. Though both my seeds broke ground within hours of each other, one seems about a day behind at this point. Best of luck with your grow.