Bright yellow seedling, any ideas.

Oct 6, 2018
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This one is a real mystery. I've grown Blackberry Auto many times and they are usually extra dark green. This one started normally with the red tinges but quickly went yellow, and stayed yellow. Right away I can rule out nutrients or pH as everything is just as I normally run. What I find strange is that they are normally dark green even before they go into nutrient. It's all Shallow Water Culture, and even though I know I didn't mix anything wrong, I nevertheless mixed up a fresh batch. Didn't make any difference. I've given her a bit more light but nothing. The taproot appeared to be very strong coming out the bottom of the plug before even opening up. Blackberry - 2.jpeg

My first thought was that the root has somehow been damaged and she's not getting any nutrients, however it's day six now and she's growing fairly normally apart from being bright yellow. I don't know what I can do or what TF is going on. Is it possible that this is a mutant phenotype? Blackberry - 9.jpeg

I can see some greening wanting to happen around the edges but it's not progressing.


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Give her some time to establish some roots and hopefully she will make it.
OK we are at two weeks tomorrow and she is remaining devoid of chlorophyll, she is growing completely normally otherwise. Looking powerful and strong just like a blackberry auto should looky - 1 (1).jpeg, in fact all the Dutch Passion seeds are very sturdy. I'm pretty well convinced this is some sort of genetic mutation because surely if there was some other problem and the only other problem could be nutrients, or nutrient uptake, then surely she wouldn't be growing so vigourously. If she stays like this it's going to be interesting when to see if the purple colouring kicks in.

The darker green leaf in the photo is a baby leaf from a different plant, which is as light a green as I normally see.


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Hey! Exact same thing happened with my seedling this run too! All my plants where running on the same nutrient feeding. But one of them was born very yellow and stayed yellow. I carried on as normal to see what happens, it just got yellower and then some browning on the edges and burning... It was also growing slower than the rest Gave it another week, it's at that point it started growing normal green leaves again, same colour as all the other plants. I think some seeds get shocked from being born. Poor things.

It's the bottom middle plant:

7 weeks later, no sign of light greenness:
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