brown spots started appearing on leaves after flowering started


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Aug 14, 2017
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Problem: Brown spots started appearing on leaves after flowering started

Medium/grow method: 5 gallon fabric pots, Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil, 2x2x4 tent

Feed: and supplements used: Just tap water ph'd to 6.5 and Calmag since last week.....tried to use Fox Farms Big bloom and tiger bloom after spots appeared but it burned the tips so I stopped

water source: tap

Strain/age: Northern Storm Automatic from MSNL

light used: 185w Apollo LED on one plant and 4x 100w CFL bulbs on the other hanging from top of tent

Climate: 2x2x4 Grow tent with carbon filter

Additional info: Hi, I am a first time grower and these 2 autoflower plants are my first attempt. They started out in space buckets then I purchased a grow tent. They started flowering about 2-3 weeks after sprouting and soon after flowering started the spots started to appear on the leaves. I read that it is likely a CalMag deficiency and that I should have been using it from the get go so I ordered some and started using CalMag in the water about a week ago. They are now at day 42 and are advertised as taking ~65 days. I'm worried that my buds are not going to get any bigger or the plant may just die due to the brown spots and ruin the harvest. Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and help.


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... yup, that looking loike Ca defc.,.. pretty common, and if you've started Ca-Mg already, then you're ahead of the game,... Dilute the nutes initially by half and wait to see how they respond when starting them,... to get fatter buds, it's high P-K that does the trick! Now is the time to feed this to them,... This Ca defc. isn't that bad, and won't mess with your harvest significantly at this point,... forget what the breeders say, it's an estimation at best, may finish sooner, more likely later by a week or so,... read up in the harvest and cure section to learn about assessing your trichomes for ripeness, and when to harvest,....:thumbsup:
Waira, thanks for the response! I'm definitely going to take your advice. This is my first attempted grow and at first I viewed it as a learning experience and actually accepted that I probably would get little to no yield but after they started flowering I'm excited to get a small yield to try out. I have 3 more of these seeds and I actually germinated one and it just sprouted a few days ago so I'm going to use the CalMag from the start and apply what I learned during this grow and hopefully get better results. Again thank you for your time and help!