Can I change the time of day my lights come on during flower?

May 8, 2021
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Can I change the time of day my lights come on during flower if I don't change the duration they are on?
edit: Sorry, to clarify these are photoperiod plants. They are my last crop before switching to autos. To be honest, I want to chop them down and just start the autos. But I probably won't do that.


I hope everyone is doing well!

Back to my question:

I have the lights turning on at noon and turning off at midnight and it's challenging for me to find time to work with the room. It would be better if I had set to turn on at midnight to turn off at noon. I will do this next time, of course. But the problem is I have 2-3 months left on this grow.

If I adjust my timer will it cause excessive stress in my plants? What if I change it 1 hour per day so that tomorrow they come on at 1 am, the next day 2 am, etc.?

I like to search my questions before posting them, but this one was tough to search. I hope it hasn't been asked a million times.

Thanks y'all!
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Just a guess on my part;
I've hand power outages with old mechanical timer, no power no dial spinning and never had problems. the night controls the flower cycle so if worried just make sure no less than 12 hours night, so increase night time one day and it shouldn't matter.
don't know if this is true but you can do lights off 24hours then do reset too. google this i've never done myself to know for fact.
I would agree with @Mustang92.

Since it is the uninterrupted dark period of at least 12 hrs that controls the flowering cycle, turning the lights off for 24 hrs and then going back to 12-12 on the new schedule should not freak out your plants too much.
That sounds logical to me. Someone else had that idea in the chat. Thanks everyone, I appreciate it