Can someone explain quantum boards?


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Nov 11, 2016
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i have heard about them but not exactly sure what they are. Seems that they are just a DIY version of your typical LED growlight
To me, quantum means LED lights with specific wavelengths such as 660 nm red and 460 nm blue versus a CoB LED array that uses blue LEDs to excite phosphorus to generate white light.

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Similar to a cob just spread out leds vs compact and printed. The “quantum board” requires a heatsink but does not require paste as a thermal bridge. I think I would still use it as it probably cost .50 cents to cover the area. I have a build using Samsung led strips that I tested with an IR temp gun and there was a difference in temps.

There are cheaper versions popping up with epistar and osram leds but the ones you would want use the Samsung pcba. Printed circuit board assembly.
Thanks for the explanation @BigSm0 . Like I said I wasn't sure exactly what they are. I have read some other forums and people rave about them. IMO COBs seem to be the next step in LED evolution.