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Sep 17, 2013
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Hey all,

well I am helping this Patient of mine and he was introduced to me as being a terminal case of lung cancer. and he's still not eating. my question or help needed if any,is,do any of you know any neat tricks that might help? he's vaping,caps,tincture and rubs right now and I got him doing some other stuff.I also know that at a certain stage if its not getting better or stalled ,that quite literally nothing works. just looking for any tips and things I can look at this week to help this guy try and eat something. he's been on this regime for a few weeks now so he has a tolerance now so ill up it for his pain but hes not hungry and when he tries to eat his stomach still wont let him. so sad. anywho,thanks for any replies or tips in advance.
You can have him check his pH and get him on some RSO.
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I dont make RSo just yet,dispensary aint open just yet so too. and he does PH'ing so thats good

Not sure what "PH'ing" is, but if it's some sort of diet that tries to adjust blood pH, then it won't work, according to http://scienceblog.cancerresearchuk...the-hype-10-persistent-cancer-myths-debunked/
Not only that, but any strange diet might be affecting appetite.

Personally, I see a big difference in the effects of smoking and vaping, so maybe smoking would help the appetite.
I've seen reports that the carcinogens in cannabis smoke don't actually cause cancer, so I wouldn't worry about that.
Hey eyes.
I don't have much experience but the one person I helped before he passed was very strain dependent for his appetite. It was a Pineapple Express that worked if I recall. Maybe a few different strains to try, I am sure you have but thought I would mention it.
My mother has been breast and ovarian cancer free for 3 years. She has been eating 10 apricot kernels per day and local RSO made from organic Bubba Kush, in addition to her organic gluten free and vegan diet and she drinks lemon water with every meal.

As far as inducing appetite, not every indica is equal. I found that Bubba Kush always made her hungry. Experiences may vary this is not in any way meant to say 'do this and it will work.' I hope he can find a way to get some food in. Sending love and positivity your way @Eyes on Fire