Can't figure out why flowering is so slow/underdeveloped for me


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Mar 13, 2017
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My plants have been flowering for a couple of weeks now and I think its abnormally slow and the buds are not well developed. While it is my first grow and I don't have much experience to go on, from journals Iv'e looked at my plants seem stunted by comparison.

I created an organic amended coco/perlite medium. It has quite a bit of EWC and composted manure in it along with some generic organic powdered fert. And I have used quite a bit of an organic tea that has growth plus nitrozyme, molasses, General Organic Diamond Black humic acid and GO Biothrive Bloom (2-4-4). I have used this every 2 days while in flowering mode. My PH is 6.2 and has been for a long time so I don't think I have locked up. And I am using a self watering SIP system as well.

This is a DP white widow. The budlets have been this size for like 2 weeks now. There are a few budlets on this plan and I tuck them all the them. Don't want to trim any leaves right now. I have been getting quite a bit of leaf growth so lots of fan leaves for absorbing energy. But its like the buds are not taking advantage of this and they just sit there hardly growing.

This next one was pretty sparse during veg and I had a few nice thick branches and quite a few bud sites. I did some LST on this too and pretty aggresively. I have 4 or so branches LST'd so they have lots of space. But bud growth is very slow. But if you look at the top left bud which is from the main cola the bud growth looks like it stopped and started a couple of times. There are gaps in the bud development.


This last guy is a DP Think Different Sativa. It has had the most bud growth of the three.

Your plants don't look that bad but are pretty small.From what you say it maybe to many nutrients and feeding to often.Adding worm castings is fine but the manure might of actually been a bit too much and actually stunted root growth.Back off adding anything for awhile.My advice for your next grow is use a good premixed soil like promix or Sunshine mix or any organic ready mix and don't add anything except a little added perlite.Sometimes less is more when using nutes so overfeeding could have hurt you more than helped you.
So is there a way to measure if I'm over feeding? I did not get any nute burn. And was not expecting it because I'm using organics. I thought its impossible to get nute burn with organics. Well I think you can with manure. But my mix was cooked for 6 weeks before I put it in pots so that composted manure would not kill anything. If I get no sign of nute burn, are you saying you can still stunt growth or stress them even though there is no visible sign of too much feed?

I might have to get a TDS meter and measure the runoff and see if I'm way over the prescribed PPM (900 I think is the sweet spot).