Cob hieght?


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Dec 22, 2016
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Hey gang, doing my 1st cob grow and 1st Fastbuds grow. Big thanks to @BigSm0 for the cob job lol. Got GSC,GG4, and LSD25 at day 15 today. Cobs are at 28" from tallest girl (GG4), what should they be at this age? GSC had little light issue with my platinum led p150 so turned off for now. 2 autocobs with GSC pushed off to the corner and bounced back nicely. That's where I'm wondering if I should drop to 24"? Want to top so trying to get them as big as I can in the next 3-5 days so have a little window. I think GG4 is ok to do starting growth of 6th nod/budsite so other 2 need to get bigger. Will 4" closer help in the next few days, or should i leave where they are at cause of the GSC light issue? Didn't have issue with cobs so thought I could lower. Thoughts please...
How old is the oldest plant mate? During veg the cobs don't need to be close. I start at 36 inches plus. In flower I bring them down if the plants haven't grown up too much. As low as 12-15 inches for full on flowering.

They will veg very nicely at anything less than a metre or so in my experience with 50w cobs.
Oh I read it wrong. They are all 15 days?

28 inches is probably about where mine would be at that age. Don't think lowering to 24 inches will hurt, but don't think it will make much difference either mate.
There is close to a 20 % light increase with the 4” difference. The best thing to do is let the plants adapt at the taller height and slowely lower them or let the plants grow towards them. It’s better to have less than more when it comes to high intensity lighting. To much can damage the plants.

Before you decide to top the plant maybe consider a little lst. If your goal is multiple tops let it grow a foot or so and tie down the tallest branch. Before you know it you’ll have a dozen tops. With the high stress training you will stall the plant for a few days. Even low stress stalls the plant and there is no damage done. Less invasive the better in my eyes. I have been lollipopping my group for a few grows now and it takes about a week for them to recover from that.
Going to lst, supercrop, top. Going to do as much as they let me. Did lst, and supercropping on last grow loved the result. 8oz from 2 autos will work for me anytime. So going to push little more with these. The cobs were at 36" until a few hours ago. Can see them already growing in about 4 hrs. I will lower tonight when I feed and see what the do. If anyone can tell what these 3 strsins like and don't like training wise could save me some time. Thanks.
This is were I messed up big time for a week had 4 citizen 100w cobs at 2 ft above 5 week old fastbuds seeds and the leaves kept drooping badly 3 hrs before lights out running 20/4! Stupidly didn't realise the power of these cobs then raised it to 3 ft and switched to 18/6 and seem to have recovered and growing properly!
2 6500k autocobs

Seedlings - 30" ( couple inches higher if you want some stretch in them )

Day 15 - 28"

Day 21 - 26-27"

Currently on day 31 cobs at 25-26 "


thanks guys, wish I had read this before my last two grows. Just shows you how strong the autoflower genetics are to put up with my ignorance.