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Mar 26, 2017
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My first girl Lucy. She's been extremely kind to me.
Three White widow autos in an organic soil mix. No nutes. Started life under T5 HO and now under LED @ 600w. Lights are 3 feet above plants, temp is usually around 80 RH is usually around 50%. One is 5.5 weeks, two are 3 weeks. The older one is not acting like my last round; no stretch growth, mostly 3 leaf, but the little buds are rock freaking hard. Plant 2 is showing severe canoeing and I don't know why. Plant 3 is doing awesome.
All plants are in same soil mix, same lighting and same watering schedule.
Any ideas?


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... chalk it up to seed-to-seed variability HB,.. all are not created equal! That and/or something else went wrong in the soil, and roots are not what they should be,... the symptoms are heat/light stress, and with possibly unhappy roots, the demand for water uptake in there is more than what the roots can deliver,...
Appreciate the input m I was originally thinking maybe the roots found a hot pocket of concentrated nutes in the soil.
She's still putting on new growth and it seems that it's mostly the older growth but the new growth is not what I'd like.
Again, thanks much. I do appreciate your help. You've chimed in a few times on my issues and I thank you. Good to know folks actually pay attention to us neophytes.
Also, if anyone reads this, any suggestions on how to nurture her along til she gets her sh!t together?
... Cheers HB! :pass: .... just keep treating her like the others, unless she's lagging well behind,.. ease back on the nutes since she's not going through them like the others, in that situation....