Day and Night


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Nov 10, 2016
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Hi All

After a pretty successful winter grow indoors, I threw some beans into some fabric pots and a few in the garden directly to see what would happen. Because of my bad timing with work and not being able to get things started properly, plus some extra water issues I had some issues with the fabric potted plants causing small buds likely,and some other issues im sure. However I just cut down 2 nice looking colas that are super resinous and smelly- the 2, probably a zip when all dried etc. Not bad for set it and forget it.

One girl in the ground ended up in some used up soil that needed replenishing- probably a season of dormacy but I realize that now. The other girl in the soil is a monster. By far my biggest auto ever with a gigantic 1 foot top and some equally large side colas. I am so impressed with the structure I am about to drop 2 more in an area that I hope will work out for them.

I had 4 manbearalienpig seeds that I got some tails on them from last nights soaking. 2 I think will go in 2 5 gallon Home Depot paint bucket with holes drilled out- to provide more air. and the other 2 in the ground. I am super excited because I know they wont get too big- and Ill be able to leave them until the end of september which should still be nice where I am.

Ill snap a few shots right now of her and upload. I beileve shes Walter White from Mephisto :)

Day and Night- meaning its like day and night when dealing with a plant in a pot and one thats able to take her nutes from the earth directly.


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Great looking plant! Well done!
thats a whopper, keep posting updates...
Well she's growing and stinking. I'm about to drop some nutes in her. The first time. Although not needed I figure it can't hurt.

Mostly cloudy trichs. Probably a week from finishing. Anyway now knowing how fast things change but hoping another week of mass.

Here's a pic and I'll grab some more later too

That cola is 16-18" measuring the entire plant today


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Nice steady rain last night after a big dose of nutes. Looking good. Buds actually starting to topple from weight in the lower structure. They are heavy ;) I can't imagine what final will look like


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Lots of rain but she's holding strong. IMO lost have turned milky. Some outer amber but not deep in the calyx yet. How does she look? Not sure how much bulkier but Walter white is what I think she is.

Ps. Baby white crack from Mephisto. Not even day 1


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U cut her yet? Any chop pics? Hard to beat soil grown IMO, if your soil is worth a shit at least.
Here is a shot of the main cola. Had to chop a couple weeks ago due to heavy moisture humidity and some rot. She's awesome and the best smoke. Cut another couple down in 3 gallon pots that were super small but again the Mephisto strains are so dope.


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