db003 - Blk seeds - Sour Diesel Auto - White Widow Auto - super soil -MH/HPS


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Apr 9, 2015
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hello everyone its me db003 back at it again I will be growing some autos in a super soil mix I had a great grow with super soil in my last grow so I wanted to do it again this grow will have two strains from blk seeds with six plants in total

the strains are

3x Sour Diesel Auto

3x White Widow Auto

here is some info on the strains from blk seeds website

Sour Diesel Auto
Gender: Feminized
Genes: Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis
Genetics: Sour Diesel x Ruderalis
Flowering : 65-75 Days
Harvest: Medium 400-550 g/m2
Height: Medium
THC: High
CBD: Medium
Auto flowering: Yes

Our whole team liked the Sour Diesel genetics so much that we have thrown us head to create its auto flowering version. Auto Sour Diesel is a hybrid made from the California Sour Diesel genetics and our Ruderalis which was stabilized after several years of work. This crossing has excellent qualities that make the plant a very fast growing and easy to cultivate. Thanks to its versatility, it develops very well both indoors and outdoors.

Growing, we recommend moderate fertilization, watering often, but not abundant, and if possible add 30% of coco to the substrate to improve oxygenation of it. With proper care it grows medium size and provides compact, very hard and resinous buds.

Auto Sour Diesel gives off a pleasant aroma with notes of citrus and exotic wood and diesel. Because of its predominantly sativa genetics, it provides a powerful cerebral effect and improves mood, so its ideal for keeping interesting conversations with friends and have a laugh.

White Widow Auto
Gender: Feminized
Genes: sativa/indica/ruderalis
Genetics: Brazilian sativa x South Indian Indica x Ruderalis
Flowering : 52-60 Days
Harvest: High
Height: Medium
THC: High
CBD: Medium
Auto flowering: Yes

One of the most popular strains on the market has just been transformed into a new auto version. Our Auto White Widow is a cross between Brazilian sativa x South Indian Indica x Ruderalis. It expresses the best characteristics of both parents and is a textbook example of hybrid vigor. The flowering period of Auto White Widow is remarkable: She starts off slow but truly explodes during the last weeks of flowering, when thousands of shiny gold crystals cover the flowers. Auto WW does not stretch too much during flowering making her popular amongst growers who do not want their plants to grow too high.

Sugary with crystal, it has a very distinct refreshing odor and flavor that's easy to smoke for patients with breathing problems. A nice and easy strain with a one hit wonder couch lock high. It has a specific herbal hashish taste and a comfortable buzz. Its our newest limited edition release and should easily be a winner with everyone.

ok now for my set up

I have a 2x4x7 GrowLab gl80l grow tent with a 600w air cooled hps hooked up to a 6 inch inline fan and 6 inch carbon filter blowing air over the light and out a window

there is also a 4 inch inline fan I will be using as a active air intake and a 16 inch hurricane wall mount fan I strung up near the top of the tent just to keep the air moving its summer and I dont have A/C so I expect high temps this grow

next I will be growing these plants in a super soil mix I mixed up myself

here is a list of what I used in the super soil

this batch was made with

18 lbs. of organic worm castings
1.25 lbs. Bat Guano--------------------- (0-7-0)
1.25 lbs. Bone Meal-------------------- (3-16-0)
1.25 lbs. Blood Meal--------------------(12-0-0)
3 tbsp. Epsom Salt
1.5 tsp. Powdered Humic Acid
1/2 cups-kelp powder
1.5 cups Alfalfa Meal
1.5 cups Oyster Shell Flour
1.5 cups kelp meal
1.5 cups-Azomite
1/2 cup Mycorrhizal Fungi
1 cup Potash

this was mixed with 2 1.5 cubic feet bags of Dr. earth pot of gold all purpose potting soil and added some perlite it was hand mixed by me and a friend in a 55 gallon tote that I got from home depot once it was well mixed I added 1 and a half gallons of filtered water and mixed it up some more and put on my porch to chill until its ready I let it cook for about 60 days this time I still have to mix it up a bit before I add it to the pots

I got a bag of sanctuary soil Empire Builder Indoor-Outdoor Grower’s Mix and some perlite and I will be using that for the top half of the pots and the bottom half will be filled with my super soil mix I think this time I will be adding a bit more super soil to the pots

I will be using carbon filter tap water that gets bubbled for at least 12 hours before use and I ph. the water with citric acid crystals it only takes a small pinch to ph. a 5 gallon bucket of water to about 6.5 - 6.7 I also plan on doing some worm castings teas and some seed sprout teas when the plants get a little size on them but other then that this will be a mostly water only grow

I put the seeds in water to soak until tomorrow then I will put them in moist paper towels in zip lock bags until they show a tail and I can plant then I might let them get a bit longer this time in my last grow I had a few problems with a couple seedlings so I a experimenting

well that's about it for now just waiting for the seeds to pop and be planted

Not knocking your style but u did mention high temp have you ever considered cobs with ur knowledge and experience ild bet u hit it out of the park Grandslam
Not knocking your style but u did mention high temp have you ever considered cobs with ur knowledge and experience ild bet u hit it out of the park Grandslam

long story short I get ok temps most of the year but my summer grows get hit hard with high temps

I grew with led for my first 2 years growing and just recently switch to hps in my last grow I still have all my panels they were all from mars hydro a mars II 400, 2x mars II 700 and my big girl the mars pro II 320 cob led and even then I had high temps plus its summer

its just something I got use to since I dont have A/C I thought about getting a portable one but no money for one and my electric bill was real high that's why I had to stop my other closet grow now I am just sticking with my one grow tent
I put the seeds in paper towels and zip lock baggies today a few of the seeds already are cracked and tails poking out going to wait until tomorrow and see how the look

Best of luck with them @db003 :pass:

thanks bro I just hope I can do them justice even in this summer heat I might have to add some general hydroponics Armor Si silica to my watering's to help them fight off this heat
the first of my blk seeds are in the dirt!

ok the first 2 of the 6 blk seeds I am germinating were ready to be planted today I will check on the seeds tomorrow to see if the rest are ready

all 3x of the sour diesel seeds popped but need a bit longer before being planted and only 2x of the white widow seeds were planted today and one did not pop yet if it does not grow a tail by tomorrow I will just start a new seed

I gave my super soil a good mix today and filled the pots about 2/3 of the way last time I used 50/50 super soil to potting soil this time I wanted a just a bit more super soil to see how they come out

I used sanctuary soil Empire Builder Indoor-Outdoor Grower’s Mix and mixed in some much needed perlite I mixed it about 2 parts soil 1 part perlite well maybe a bit more perlite lol and used that to fill the top half of the fabric pots and planted my seeds in that

lets see I also switched out the hps bulb and but a brand new ipower 600 watt metal halide bulb and made sure to wipe the glass on the reflector inside and out

for now they will be sharing a tent with 2 plants from my last grow they still need some more time to finish flowering

not sure if these were 5 gallon or 3 gallon fabric pots I have so many of them lol and they get mixed up but in any case they are still large pots and should work just fine

well that's it for now I will be doing this all over again tomorrow when I plant the other seeds a growers work is never done but I love it so its all good