Do I risk ruining my harvest?

Jul 26, 2019
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Grand Daddy Purple auto. Outside grow. 78 days from germination. 42 days from flower start. No amber trichomes. Is there a problem? If I let it go another two weeks do I risk ruining the harvest? Macro photo with cheap clip on iPhone macro lens.
It’s been hot and humid for the past few weeks. The plant looks and feels healthy.
How humid is it where you live? Bud Rot would be my main worry.
I agree, in fact I already had the same situation this year. I was checking trich's daily on some Cheese, waiting for a bit of amber that never came. Bud rot did, lost a bit and got to keep most.

In this case I see basically all the pistils have browned and I would be leaning towards taking it down. It's a nice looking bit of bud you've grown there and bud rot could bone you out of some of it practically overnight. If you really want to leave it longer I would def pull the buds open in a few places and look, especially along the stem at the base of the buds. Good luck dude. :thumbsup:

Here’s the same plant today, with three more days of growth since the first pic I posted. I’ll look for bud rot tomorrow. If no rot, I may wait a few days. Thanks to all.
I'm about at the same crossroads with my girls too but from rain, higher than usual RH and tonight a frost warning but I've already had the emergency tarp up to keep the rain off the colas for the last two days so it can come off in the morning once the sun is hitting it. 2 - 3 days of nice weather in the forecast up here in n. Alberta and clear now to let that cool arctic air down to us.


As long as you got a breeze happening out there she should be fine. No wind, drag out a fan and keep her leaves dancing!

Checked out the buds this morning. I gently separated the buds and looked closely at the stems and connection points to the bud. No bud rot. I tried to pull leaves from the bud and they were tight and did not dislodge. Even the few discolored bud leafs were tight.
Thanks again to all who chimed in.