New Grower Dropping seeds tomorrow. Newbie question

Aug 3, 2017
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so I currently have my seeds in mid process of the paper towel method. Tomorrow they will be put in dirt.. My question is, should I start them off in clear solo cups for the first week or so or go directly Into the 5 gallon pots I have for them. I'm brand new to this, so new I just got done PuToting my tent together lol.. I've read that autos don't like to be transplanted, the I also read that's a myth. Every thing I read or research I can turn right around & find something lose that says what I just read was wrong.... If it makes a difference I'm using blueberry autos from sensiseeds.

Welcome to AFN!! Great question. But like most questions, the answer is really personal preference. Some will say plant directly to the final pot.. Others use solo cups then transplant. I do both. Based on how much space I have at the time. But since you are new at it, I'd recommend the easy route and plant directly into tbe 5 gal pots! Hopes that helps a little!
It's not a myth but a steady, experienced hand can transplant auto's without causing stress but we all know that's not you. Not yet anyway :) so skip all the hassle and plant that seed straight in the pre watered big pot and don't touch it for 10 days.
Like no poking around to see the if tap root has cracked, no watering cans full of water, no nutes of any description..... all that stuff will hurt your chances of a successful first grow.

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Want a AWESOME auto trick to buy a little time? Use starter plugs. They are super easy to keep moist, skip the whole paper towel method and drop the seed right down the hole. Aunty Edna is spot on about Autos and transplanting. Its just a plant, but ANY wasted time in its extremely short veg cycle will come back to bite hard. Solution: Use rapid rooter plugs!! We have had 100% success with them, and you can transplant them at ANY moment. From day 0 to about day 7...From there go right into your final container. Give it a go...A week without two basically empty 5 gallon containers frees up TONS of room....Especially for autos that are finishing up. Anything to shorten the 'down time' between chops is a win/win.

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