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Jul 15, 2017
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Hi guys,

New tile grower here and i have 2 auto ducks growing outside in my backyard. 2 very different plants by the way they look also.. One plant is small and compact, the other one larger and wider.

The large plant has alot of dry leaves and are yellowish in between the veins. Recently the stems are beginning to turn purple also... The ph of the soil is for both the plants the same around 6.6 and i give them rain water wich has a ph of around 6.6-7 by the look of the test strips.
The plants are now around 60 days old (came above ground at 12 may) and are flowering nice i think.

I have given them some tomato fertilizers about 2 weeks ago (solid form small round pellets) on the top of the soil and some basic flower fertilizers in liquid form in the water.

What is the problem with the larger plant? To much water? Underwatering cant be it im sure of that. Fertilizers not good?
Any help is much appreciated!

See the pics of the larger plant with the problem and the smaller plant wich looks fine by me
@Waira is the man when it comes to this stuff . Hopefully he can help ya .

Also could you close ups on some of the more afflicted leafs please :pass::vibes:
Hey guys,
Here are some pics. The last 2 are from the smaller plant with good leaves.


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I've had dry leaves before when I've grown not using a carbon filter or giving proper air circulation..I also had purple stems which I believe can be part of the strains genetics or is a sign the plants stressed. If fan leave stems are purple then no worries, if the base stem of your plant is purple it's stressed

(someone tell me if I am wrong though)

I've had this, even got it now I'd say (dry leaves), and never stopped the plant yielding on me. So wouldn't be too worried and the plants look nice to me.

Maybe give them a right good water when the sun's out to get a bit of humidity under the bottoms of the leaves and the leaves will get more moisture!

*maybe trim some off from the bottom to get more energy (and moisture?) to the tops of the plant?
Tnx man for the advice! Nice to know that its not too bad. Hope that the buds will thicken more in the next weeks cause now they are still quite airy. Think about 3 weeks left or so..
I don't see any real problems with your plants but the little one is strange with no real side branching but nothing you can do about that.You should be feeding flower nutes with a higher phosphurous content at this stage and also be using cal/mag.
Thnx for your answer. The little one is kinda strange yes but it looks healthier than the larger one. One person here had the same look on his auto duck like the little one.

Ive used these fertilizers. Got them both from my stepdad who is also growing for the first time 5 white widows but they are not autoflower.
The tomato fertilizer are very small round pellets and are npk (Ca) 6-3-12 (4)
Will look for something with cal/mag, tnx!


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hey mate- :toke:-- a lot of weird stuff here,... what strain is this? They looks duck-foot related,... The odd color markings and crinkling on the one looks genetic,... buds are forming up poorly, likely from too much N for this stage,.. 8-8-8 is not a good ratio for cannabis especially in bloom!,... How much Sun are they getting?
Hey! The strain is auto duck from dutch passion. Any idea what npk ratio is the best then?
Sun is not too much last week or so but next couple of days will be good. Had alot of sun durig veg stage tough
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... :biggrin: I meant how many hours of Sun are they getting usually? Strong Sun is best during bloom for sure, not just veg',... bloom nutrients have very low N, high P and K,...