Drying in tent while growing in tent

Oct 21, 2020
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Hello folks,

I don't have anywhere to dry my harvest except my grow tent. But I got another plant in there that's about 3 weeks away from harvest.

So my question is... can I cardboard box dry in the grow tent whilst my second crop finishes?

Ie, chop and string up crop 1 in the box and leave it in the tent whilst crop 2 finishes?

Main reason I want to dry in the tent is smell as my tent's got a filter on the extraction fan.

Anything I need to know?

Impossible needle to thread. You want the RH low in the tent to finish up in flowering, but you need (relatively higher) RH to dry.

I'd recommend getting a large garment box or 2 from home depot, hanging dowels in it, and making smaller drying chambers from those, aiming for 60-70 F and 55-60% RH. Keep RH in the flowering tent low as they finish. Just my $.02.
Thank you. That's do-able. I'd just be worried about the smell. I've only ever dried in the tent in the past (without an actual grow on the go). Am I going to disturb my housemates with stinky weed smells? How much leakage do you get with external box solutions?

Thanks so much for your advice.

Do you already have a carbon filter? I got a 2nd little tent to connect to my 4x4 that I use as a dry tent. Hang everything up in the small tent to dry and use it as my air inlet and that all gets pulled to my big grow tent and through the filter.
How far along are the live plants?
In veg?
I’d move lights and such outside tent area for a week or so while stuff has the tent to dry.

Or ya .. second tent
Here is a drying cab I made out of a box, fan and some cheap carbon filter material. I added the blue LEDs so I could view the drying buds and because, well, blue LEDs are dope. HTH, YMMV, etc.



If you build one - don't use duct tape like I did. Use packing tape.
Hey! Just a a cardboard box, big/small enough to have Ur harvest inside. Seal it off. bash some small holes in it, connect it to your grow tents inlet holes. All the smell we'll go into the grow tent and filter out the other end. I did it my last run. Worked very well
Great advice, all thank you. Hadn't occurred to me to use the inlets on the tent to drag the smell out of a dry box. Ima put that together I reckon. Also liking the sheets of carbon filter. Good concept. Will be my back up option if I can't get enough duct locally.

@mohawk warrior sadly crop two is about 2-3 weeks from harvest so I can't pull out the tent really.

Thanks again you smashing people.