Feed Schedule Comparison: Hansbrick's vs TaNg's Easy


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Apr 5, 2015
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I've been bouncing back and forth between these two heroes' postings trying to plan my first coco autopot grow and was inspired by @SPZ spreadsheet. I've tried to consolidate and time align them for comparison. If there are errors or omissions I will correct them.
If your going to grow in auto pots, you can't go wrong following Han's advice. I'm sure Tang's formula would work great also, but remember, each was taylored to a specific growing style.

Myself, I'm going back to organic soil for a while.
I was looking at the an line after seeing some of the grows using it and was wondering why I don't see the coco versions of an being used? I am happy with soil, but was just curious as to why no one uses the coco versions of an stuff.
Just read your plants and forget schedules.

I totally agree!

But as a newbie who does not yet know what to feed his plants, let alone how to read them, a feeding schedule like this has its place. Seeing what other growers have done and how the plants react is the beginning of a journey that leads to the ability to read the plants' needs and react accordingly. I hope to get there myself!
I've used tang feeding shedule in last my grow sometimes gAve them smaller dose even n I can tell it's works perfect for me this time same nuts same medium just autopot
If you pick the basics of any nutrient line, I'm talking just about like the General Hydroponics Trio or some of the A&B mixes. Just start with those Basics and maybe some cal-mag then every grow add something in that way you'll actually learn what it is you're doing with your plants and what is actually helping you.

When I looked at that easy schedule I thought my God if I was a noob I would never even start growing.