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Oct 11, 2017
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Hi guys, long time lurker and first time poster. I've been doing research for awhile and am finally ready to start my first serious grow. I have a side business selling microgreens that I grow indoors at farmer's markets so I'm not completely new but this is my first attempt at MJ.

Strains are Critical Auto, LSD-25 Auto, Blue Pyramid Auto, and Cheese auto. All were purchased from a seed bank in the UK over the internet.

I will be growing one of each in a 4x4x7ft tent. I've purchased one light already and am willing to add a few complimentary CFLs or LEDs as flowering progresses. Here's a link to my light, think this will suffice for now?
Amazon product

I am germinating now, will transfer to 3 gallon root bags for the entirety of the grow as I've read how sensitive autoflowers can be to transplanting. My grow mix is 60% organic potting soil, 30% Coconut Coir, and 10% Vermiculite. I've purchased Fox Farms Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom, and Grow Big nutrients as well as PH and EC meters. Will upload pictures as soon as germination begins.

Any advice, input, comments, or anything at all really is welcome! Thanks for reading, I intend to cover this grow from start to finish here.


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Welcome to AFN! :welcome: If you need anything use the @ before anyone's name and we'll get an alert. :biggrin: Stop into live stoners to shoot the breeze, share pics, music, ask ?'s whatever floats your boat. Happy growing :vibe:
a proper gardener hi and welcome :pass:
first off these jalapenos been in my kitchen window from april,when do i harvest ?

nice selection variety of strains.start a journal,have fun.
keep er lit.
I think they were ready a few months ago! The longer they stay on the sweeter the pepper should be, most people harvest jalapenos once they start to turn dark green. They're still good, just not as hot. I'd go ahead and collect those bad boys now though, they look great.

I'll start a journal in a day or two, all seeds are now in soil.

Thanks for the welcome guys.
hey buddy welcome to afn. id just forget most of these myths youve heard about auto flowers to be honest. biggest pot growns ive seen were transplanted at day 28 and i transplant mine twice before day 21. autos are indestructible mate they love a bit of abuse : )
Sweet we should get along great then! :)

Further research and advice from EvilScotsman have led to the decision to purchase MarsHydro LED's. Think I'm gonna go with 2x 600w instead of 4x 300w, just seems like an easier approach to more light.
Welcome my green fingered friend. I had a glut of tomatoes and also rhubarb. But a tom and rhubarb pie is not the best. Made some nice pasta sauce though and a decent rhubarb crumble or two. Gave tons away.

Gardening and growing is the same for most plants. Canna is no exception. Happy growing chum............eP.
Welcome to the AFN family.
Welcome to the AFN Army. You should do verry well. I'm your first grow. You already have the skills that pay the bills. Lol

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