First grow Illuminautos by Mephisto


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Jun 13, 2017
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Well like the title sais this is my first grow ever.. It hasnt been the smoothest ride yet but im learning everyday. I started with 4 red poisons from sweet seeds and am left with two scruffy little gals that i am damn proud of.:baked: One pheno has the crazy looking black nuggs , but the "green one" vegged a week longer and is looking to be a way bigger producer. Lighting is sun system 315cmh and p450 led. P450 is rarely used just a day here and there for side lighting as the a/c costs enough and they dont really need the extra light anyway.
But this thread is a fresh slate for the illuminautos. I am growing in coco perlite 5050 with sensi coco from AN with big bud,nirvana ,and overdrive, feeding with tangs easy auto schedule (modified)((more modification)) basically just added recharge and mammoth p with some roots excel and lightened the feed just a bit to learn the curves. Here is baby sour crinkle already fast just 2 days from seed beat all her sisters up , even the gold glue outside that was thrown in water a day earlier.
She was a juicy seed and i am looking forward to her most so i feel it is a good omen that she is first , i hope i dont fuck this up!! Good luck with all your illuminauto babys my friends :biggrin: im off to sleep so i can get this work week out of the way i have some kind soil on the way i will be trying some outdoor and also next to these using an organic medium for comparison.
Welcome to your new addiction and good luck on your grow! Just about every one of us is here to help if/when you need it. Just throw the @ before someone name and that will tag them!
So far so good quick update before bed. The lady in back right is a 3 bears and on the left a triangle, just over a week old. The burned leaves on bottom are from when i forgot to feed one day really early in their life they dried out quick .
Subbing up for the ride!

My first grow was a couple of sweet seeds, jack-47 and a cream caramel. Like you, I just got going and my first Mephisto order is on its way to me.
Excited to see your results!
anyone see what i see? She is very young should i be concerned? I dont mind a small plant at all in fact it is the 3 bears , do they stay small?


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Toof decay , sour stomper , and sour hound as freebies added to the collection. What an awesome week, payday and harvest :pass:.

Thanks to Mitch and the boys for fulfilling my freebie request you guys are the shit.


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