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Jun 8, 2021
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Hi everyone. Been lurking for a while whilst planning my first grow. Wanted to make it as easy as possible, not worry about mixing nutrients and balancing pH, and also wanting to keep it organic, so thanks to lots of info here, decided to try the BioTabs route.

Set up:

110 Litre (approx 24 Gallon) food grade black bin/bucket with locking lid – lined with reflective foil tape.

2 x 100mm (4”) passive air intakes at bottom with short duct 90 degree bends and vent grilles with insect mesh for light proofing.

2 x 120mm USB 3 speed fans for air circulation inside, 1 at mid bucket level (in line with stem of plant) and 1 at high bucket level (for plant canopy when grown enough).

Ducting from lid to Black Orchid Mixed Flo 100mm (4”) extractor fan (with speed controller) into Rhino Hobby 100x300 Carbon Filter.

Internal heating (for the cooler nights) currently being provided by a 25W Brewers Heat belt attached to a Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Controller. I had tried a heat mat but that never got warm enough, and the Brewers belt is only marginally better, so I will be changing to a 9 metre 80W Reptile heat cable.

Main grow light – FECiDA 50W LED Sunlike Full Spectrum (300W CFL equivalent) fixed 5cm inside lid.

Side lighting (for when the plant has more of a canopy) 11m Waterproof LED 5050 rope light.

For lighting controls, I started with mechanical timers, but the ticking drove me crazy, so I changed to smart plugs which worked out cheaper than digital timers.


VegTrug Bluetooth 4 in 1 Soil and Light monitor.

Tapo TP-Link smart security camera with PC connecting via iSpy software to take pics and Timelapse (1st few pics were taken by phone camera, hence different angles/positions). Hope to fit in next few days.

To be added for post harvest drying:

Inkbird IHC-200 Humidity controller

Compact dehumidifier (with mechanical switch). Due to space inside the bucket, cannot be installed during grows.

May be added for future grows:

Reptile Humidifier/Fogger. Can be left outside the bucket for easier filling and lack of space within the bucket as the fog is transferred via hose.

I didn't start taking pics until day 11. I check the plant daily, but for the 1st 2 weeks, I will only note events.

Day 1

Added seed to pre-watered Jiffypot and placed inside a germination/seedling tray. Placed tray in bucket with lights off and set Thermostat Controller. I can't recall the temp, wish it was due to having a nice toke, but not been able to get any since Lockdown, hence trying my first grow.

Day 3

Seedling has sprung (though still has her husky hat), so on with the main light and extractor. Temp sitting around 25C. Set on timer for 6am to 12am (18 hours). Changed Thermostat to 22C for night time when light off.

Day 4

She still has her hat on, but it falls off with a gentle touch.

Day 5

Jiffypot is a little dry, and a root is poking though the bottom. Add a little water to the base of the germination tray, which includes reservoir type channels.

Day 6

A few more roots have poked through bottom of the Jiffypot and are enjoying a swim in the germination trays reservoir channels, so it's time to get the main grow medium ready.

Filled a 3 Gallon fabric pot with Biobizz Lightmix mixed with Startrex from BioTabs.NL. Put inside bucket (with germination tray above) to allow mix to come to same temp for 24 hours.

Day 7

Created Jiffypot size hole in centre of soil pot. Sprinkled with5 grams of Mycotrex. Transplanted seedling into soil mix. Gave ½ Litre water with 1 gram of Bactrex and 5ml of Orgatrex mixed in. Placed a DIY humidity dome (large zip lock clear plastic bag from a certain Swedish Furniture store lol) over the seedling.

Day 11

Took 1st pic (temporarily removing the DIY humidity dome to do so).
Grow 01 Day 11.jpg

Day 12

Grow 01 Day 12.jpg

Day 13

Grow 01 Day 13.jpg

Day 14

Added 1 Growtab and lightly watered. Permanently removed the DIY Humidity dome.
Grow 01 Day 14.jpg

Day 15

Grow 01 Day 15.jpg

Day 16

Pic and lightly watered.
Grow 01 Day 16.jpg

Day 17

Grow 01 Day 17.jpg

I will try to keep this log updated as close as possible to daily as I can. Any advice is obviously welcome.
Welcome to AFN :welcome: NL was me first indoor grow as well..they can take a bit of time, but the medicine is worth it imo :thumbsup:

One thing I do see is how you are watering. It's better to water outside of the plant, not directly under it. Watering outside of the plant wll make those roots go searching for h2o.. at the stage you are at now, maybe try watering about an inch off the outside of the pot.

I see a bit of yellowing on the tips and edges of some leaves. Not quite sure what is going on there, as I'm no plant doctor.

Good luck to you on your grow :d5:
Thanks for the advice re watering. She's hardly needed any until now due to the "humidity dome".

I think I may have added the 1st BioTab a week early, hence some of the older leaves yellowing at the tips slightly, so gonna hold off adding the 2nd tab. As a newbie and also not a plant doctor like yourself, I can only guess and am more than happy to hear from people who know way more than me,

The newer growth appears to be healthy so far. Just need to keep an eye on her for now.

In case anyone wants to see, here is an exterior shot of the Space Bucket.
Space Bucket exterior.jpg

The panelling behind the Extractor and the Filter is leftover Bathroom panelling that I have used to absorb vibrations from the fan and prevent possible condensation soaking into the wall.

The stray hook at the top is to hold the lid and Light up when I am accessing the bucket.

I did try to get some clips/brackets for holding the filter, but the supplier let me down. I then realised I had bungee cords (from a certain German branded budget supermarket rhyming with Little) and a spare bar (from a certain Swedish Furniture store) that worked so well.

I will try to remember to take photos of inside the Bucket to add soon.
Day 18

She's thirsty, so gave a good watering.
Grow 01 Day 18.jpg

Day 19

She's jumped and started to give off a faint aroma. Should start LST soon. Note the dark patch in the soil is shadow, not from watering, as she doesn't need it yet.
Grow 01 Day 19.jpg

Update regarding Wi-Fi camera

Testing revealed 2 issues.
1 My grow lights are not suited for use with the camera as it produces a strobe/banding effect. I get this with my phone camera that is currently used for these photos, but forcing the phone to use the flash function combats this. I will need to look for a Wi-Fi camera that includes a flash.
2 The silver foil lining blocks too much signal, so connection to the PC is lost. Wi-Fi is weak in this location, and given my phone can connect to the Bluetooth soil monitor without issue, a Wi-Fi booster should help.

That's all for today.
:pop: ppp
Day 22

Before changing LST position
Grow 01 Day 22.jpg

And after
Grow 01 Day 22a.jpg

Day 23

Before watering and changing LST position
Grow 01 Day 23.jpg

And after
Grow 01 Day 23a.jpg

Also took a wee close up of some of her nodes. Think I might look out my Bridge camera for Macro shots soon.
Grow 01 Day 23b.jpg
Day 24

Before changing LST position
Grow 01 Day 24.jpg

And after
Grow 01 Day 24a.jpg

Day 25

Before changing LST position
Grow 01 Day 25.jpg

And after
Grow 01 Day 25a.jpg

Day 26

Before changing LST position and watering
Grow 01 Day 26.jpg

And after
Grow 01 Day 26a.jpg

Updates on equipment

Found my old bridge camera with 10x optical zoom for close-ups, but it's stopped working :cuss::cuss::cuss:
Found my even older compact camera (with only 3x optical zoom...) but at least it works :yay: It's not needed yet, but wanted to make sure I was ready.

The extractor fan developed an interment clicking/knocking/grinding sound 2 days after the 30-day retailer window closed :cuss:
Sent a message to the manufacturer via their website (as it's supposed to have a 5-year guarantee), but no response after a week, so with all faith lost, I decided to get an alternative make.
Contacted the retailer and explained the issue, and they agreed to allow a return.
The new fan (AC Infinity Cloudline S4) arrived today and will be installed in the morning, with the faulty fan being sent back as soon as the swap is done.
I was going to get the T4, but noticed a major flaw with the controller... If using either the temperature or humidity triggers (cannot use both), the controller will shut off the fan once back in range. This is no good for a growing environment, as plants need constant fresh air to thrive.
Thanks to a thread here, I learned that AC Infinity has since released a new controller that will not shut off the fan, but reduce the speed to a user set speed, and can also use temperature and humidity triggers together. It's a pity they didn't change the T4 package to this new controller. I will upgrade the S4 speed controller in the near future for this new Smart controller, AC Infinity Controller 67.

Got the 80W Reptile heat cable and clips ready to swap out the 25W Brewers belt, so looking to get that sorted soon too.
Looking nice so far, awesome setup as well! Gonna follow you on this one :smoking: