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Sep 2, 2017
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First of all I feel glad to be a part of this family, I am doing this journal to try help others and for help from the community. after 100s of hours of research for auto seeds, led lights and all the rest I finally have everything, I have an excellent space hidden away with perfect ventilation . Firstly I am going to inventory my set up , seeds and nuits.

Grow tent- Mars hydro 70x70x160cm grow tent

1000w bestva full spectrum led with if and uv(100x10w led lights)

5 gallon pots

4" carbon filter

6" fan

2x 4mtr surge protector adapter

Timer plug attachment

25ft aluminium hose

Biobizz allmix and black magic

Biobizz grow, top max and bloom


Dehumidifier box x2

Seeds- Girl Scout cookies , gorilla glue, glue berry og and think different; sweet tooth and super skunk set away Incase of no germination.

Day 1 : tent up everything on flowing air so when seeds germinate the tent is ready to go. Germinated seeds in a plastic container on damp paper towel with damp paper towel covering it then air tight the container leave in dark at around 20'c

Day 2 : Girl Scout cookies and gorilla glue showing signs of breaking, back in the dark for 24 hours.

Day 3 : gsc and gg are ready to plant and gbog has cracked.
Mix 80% biobizz 20% black magic and place seedling root downwards carefully and lightly cover with soil then water just around the seedling
Temp 25'c humitity 55% on light 17'c light of humity 71%. Soil oh level 6.7 plain water ph'd to 6.5

Day 4: gsc an gg have sprouted heathy and gbog ready to plant, think different did not germinate so unknown auto is germinating. Plant gbog same way as other 2. Temp and humity the same

Day 5: gsc and gg second set of leaves appear gbog a bit smaller but still growing new leaves, big water today temp 27.1 humity 57 at night temp 19 humity nearing 69

Day 6 plants looking well, auto ready to plant the same way as others

Day 7 feed ph'd water and 0.5ml calmag /2ltr water with oh level of 6.5 temp 27.1 humity 51.
Added a fresh air intake pipe attached to a 4" extracted fan , this has help my temp and humity levels. Tbc with pictures and a day by day guide on how I do with these 4 .


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This was 3 of them on day 1/2 the other is being germinated in pitch black to the left of the pic with the temp and humity meter....
I will update as often as I can on a day by day basis and any help or tips would be very great full... Thanks for reading I hope for some response
Welcome to AFN.You are off to a great start. How long are you running your lights for?
That is a good schedule.
That is a good schedule.
Yes my research told me this was the best, I read somewhere that people put on full 24 hour of light, I personally think that is too much, a little break from the light is better good than bad , may I also add to this topic that I added calmag on day 5 because I strongly believe the theory that led lights on you need calmag from around week 1 but in a very small dose and a mine is a 1000w led so I had to add a very diluted solution , so far so good .