First time grower need advices / guidance


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Sep 11, 2017
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Hello everyone. First of all apologize for my bad english , it s not my first language. Now let s talk on subject.
I never grew weed before i ve just red about growing few months and i ve decided to go on with my first grow asap. The only problem i have is , as much as i read i am more confuse regarding lights and space. Lets say i wold like to grow 2 plants at the same time in 15 L airpots soil , DP or Mephisto genetics autoflower in a growbox under LED lights. What is your suggestion? What space is required and what kind of led pannels how many watts what brand?

NOTE : MY BUDGET FOR SETUP ( GROWBOX WITH FULL EQUIPMENT E.G AIR EXTRACTION , INTAKE CARBON FILTER ETC ) + LED SYSTEM is somewhere around +- 700€ . i would be very thankfull for your advices
hi buddy im not a soil grower but both those brands produce some monster plants. youve done the right thing looking for advice before buying. we'll all have slightly dofferent opinions so best to hear a few peoples then make your own mind up somewhere in the middle. what you need depends on how much space do you have at your disposal and what your target weight of dry bud is. your budgets more than enough for what you want thankfully. how big a tent can you fit?
Hi buddy thanks for ur time. Space is not such a big problem i can go on with smth like 100 cm x 100cm x 200 xm or even 120 cm x 120 cm x 200. I want as much as possible QUALITY bud. Not just hundred grams of shitty stuff. I mean i prefer a little bit less quantity but better quality. What does it means " monster plants " ? How much space and what kind of leds for 2 plants in 15 l air pot or even bigger pots. Thank you again for your time and patience and apologize for my retarded questions i m new in bussiness i never grew i m NOOB.
Hey brother if you only want to grow 2 plants a 1200 x 600 tent would be a decent size.
Find a grower whose growing style and results you like and just copy them.
Most will be happy to share tips and feeding schedules etc.
As for led lights you should check out 2 or 3 autocobs would be great in that space depending on your budget.
No offense at all, the questions are a bit broad in scope. We have people here who can bring out a lot of potential from a strain. Personal preference. Since it is established that most of these autos can produce good medicine it is dependent on the condition you seek to address. I need a lot of painkilling and muscle relaxing, but what do you want out of your flowers? What flavors?
I am a Skunk lover so I would suggest them due to fast maturation and heavy yields. Dutch passion has Skunk hybrid autos.
Such great genetics to choose from, from all of our sponsors. For a bulk rate on Dutch Passion you can try Seedstockers, their sister.
Dutch Passion or Mephisto,
Lobster Tail or Filet Mignon. All good.
Personally I prefer having say 4 single cobs/4 cobs on a frame to a single light such as the Telos due to the excellent spread of the light. If you make you own cobs or buy single cob lights you can have your light made to measure for your tent area. You then get amazing amounts of light everywhere. No bright spots/dark areas.

If you pick the right 2 mephisto or DP strains you could probably fill a 1.0x1.0m tent.

My suggestion would be a 1.0m x 1.0m tent, 200-250w of cobs to start with, and two of the larger mephisto strains. Or maybe one mephisto and a DP Glueberry.