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Aug 19, 2020
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My big girl has been in flower for 27 days and she seems almost completely ready. Is it possible they will mature with just 4 weeks of flower?

I am quite concerned because the buds feel quite dry to the touch, and spongey a bit. I don't see any mold or anything on them so i don't think its bud rot.

The app i use to track my journals is one week ahead (i just picked this up 2 days ago), so i fed overdrive thinking I was in week 5 and im actually just into week four nearly.

Could overdrive cause any harm if using a week behind? I did do only one feed though.

Some of the smaller buds still have some slight white hairs, but most of them are almost all orange hairs.

Just wondering if there is a problem here considering its been only 27 days of flower... according to my app. I changed to flower mode after the stretch stopped and I seen the first white hairs/buds.

The strain im growing is forbidden runtz and it does have a 70 day mark on it. I'm around day 70 right now but she remained in veg for like 47 days lol


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At least 3 weeks left
What makes you say that? Based on how the bud looks? I am gonna inspect the trichomes. I checked them yesterday and most of them look don. I think i am gonna continue with the base feed and overdrive for another week then flush