Indoor Forge F2, with a Black Strap in the middle


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Aug 14, 2021
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Hello hello. Been lurking for a year and now the runs begin! This is my first auto grow, very excited to start this new path!

Enjoyed seeing all the camaraderie and merriment at the latest Autoflower Cup via here and IG.

So here we go,
4x 2-gal Forge F2
1x 3-gal Black Strap

Doings things a bit smaller than I’d like, but space is an issue and really I just want to see if we can just get some Forge F3 beans to appear.

2x4 Gorilla tent
4” AC Infinity fan+filter
ES180 V3 LED
Added about 1Tbsp of Earth Dust per gallon(3-1-2 and 2-3-6 blended).
RG Recharge with tap.

Cheers to AFN!
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@SkySaw0608 :welcome:Welcome to AFN:welcome: It looks like you may be watering in a small circle around the seed? Roots will not grow into dry soil. A cannabis tap root can grow 9 inches in 3 days! Also microbes in dry soil will go dormant or die. We don't want this.

What you need to learn about watering will come with practice. Here are the basic rules: Never let the soil dry out. Soil and or coco can become hydrophobic if allowed to dry. This means it repels water. This in turn will create dry pockets in the soil and the roots and microbes will die there. If your soil - coco have accidentally dried out use a surfactant to help re-wet it. I like yucca powder. Don't let soil remain soggy by watering too much too often. Root rot, damping off, molds, fungus gnats and other problems start in soggy soil. When you do water water the entire pot. How to learn when to water starts before you plant the seed. Fill your container with fresh soil/coco and weigh it (heft it) this is the lightest weight and consider it a dry pot. Now slowly water until the soil/coco will no longer absorb the water and run-off begins; weigh the pot (heft it) this is the maximum water, the wettest the pot can get. The difference between wettest and driest is the maximum water weight, for ease of explanation lets just say the water weighs 20 pounds. When the pot loses 10 pounds (half of the water weight) it is time to water again. There is an art to watering.

Looking good. Welcome! When I first started growing I did 50/50 of and hf. My ph would drop about week 6. Batches are different and yours maybe not. Just something to keep an eye on. I have a buddy whose using his and his plants are fine. Will be tagging along since I am quite fond of the anvil these must be good ones too.
Amen and good eye.
I assure you it’s juicy down there. I did precook the potting mix and added some additionap perlite so as to keep that soil atmosphere fresh. I know I know, fabric pots - I just don’t have any immediately available.
As for pH, I am blessed with CalMag well water with a pH near 7.5
Week 1 in the books!


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week 2 moving along nicely.
1 of the Forge is a bit leggy. Hoping it’s.the one stallion in the bunch.

After seeing all the evidence of enormous Blackstraps out there, I decided to top this one.

6 new tops on the way.
Day 20 and after a few days of looking thru the jeweler’s loupe, it looks like I’m blessed with 3 Forge males, and1 Forge lady.
Anyone have advice on how to pick just one male? Or might there be cause to use all 3 males for pollination?

my goal is to create a few hundred seeds and retain some virgin bud for samples.
Day 29.

Forge lady on the left.
Black Strap lady on the right.


Two of the Forge males were not keepers, but the sole Forge male is dropping pollen in his own little spot as we speak.
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