Sweet Seeds Green Poison XL auto in a 30 gallon pot!


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Dec 15, 2013
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Been planning this for a long time! I want to see just how big she'll get in 30 gallons of organic soil. So today is the day. I moved all the autos to the tent in the rear, cleaned to tent and tray then place the pot and filled it. This is not my normal organic mix. I put in a base layer of organic potting mix, Lambert's. then sprinkled some Epsoma Garden tone, about a 1/2 cup and a little blood meal, about a tablespoon. I then mixed 5 gallons of some special compost with ten gallon of recycled soil. This compost is composed of rootballs and recycled soil, worm castings ( my own ), Epsoma Garden Tone, about a quart of it, food waste, canna stalks and leaves, horse manure, lime, and epsom salts. It has been composting for about 2.5 years. I added a top layer of about 3 gallons of fresh potting soil sprinkled with an 8 pound bag of worm castings and a little garden lime.

I will bottom water. I'm placing Auto Pot valves in two corners and this will feed plain water to the pot. Will be dropping the seed to soak shortly!

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GrassRoots makes these as they had a lot of requests for a shorty pot. I chose it to help keep over all height as low as possible. I suspect that is the target market, for people growing i tents.

Hardly anyone seems to use such flat-profile growing pots/bags. Is the pot/bag so wide vs. tall for a reason?