Indoor Growing in a 2x2 the trials and tribulations.


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Aug 31, 2021
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First of all, a shout out to @Autobeast, I read this monster four year long thread and am using what I learned for this grow. Here is his thread:


- put one of each in cups of water to germinate:
Bubblegum, OG Kush, Jack Herer. Placed them in the dark.
- started seeing small white tails. Placed each seed in a wet paper towel, then into a plastic baggie, and back into the dark. Later on that night I said fuckit and planted them in their new home. Using a 2x2 Mars Hydro tent, TS600 LED lamp, 5 gallon grow bags. Charcoal filter and exhaust fan. 18/6 schedule. Miracle grow performance organics container mix (soil).
Day 1 (Aug 21)

Day 3 Added some Foxfarm liquid plant food to the water (earthworm casings, bat guano). Added oscillating fan for heat/humidity control. Added vaporizer for humidity control. Moved light lower so that seedlings wouldn’t stretch. Changed schedule to 20/4.
Day 4. Found Bubblegum seedling lying horizontally on soil. Stood it back up and added more dirt to keep it standing. Thought I had lost her. Turned off oscillating fan until plants are stronger.
Day 5. Checked on Bubblegum, standing up fine now. Decided maybe I have been watering too much, will wait till soil is completely dry before watering them again. Also going to wait on the liquid plant food until they reach vegetative state.
Day 9. Getting more nodes. All three are still low to the ground. Looking good though. Started vegetative nutes.
Day 10:

Day 11. Couple small yellow spots on leaves. I started veg nutes too soon. Going back to just water. Adjusted ‘days’ to start when vegetation popped up from the soil as the plants match images I am seeing online for those time frames. Turned oscillating fan back on to strengthen plants and lower humidity.
Day 13. Have three solid nodes…waiting…going to top between 4th and 5th. Starting to worry I’m not going to have enough space in this tent. Going to have to figure out how to manage the plants if they get too big. Maybe nature will handle that for me (only grow as big as tent and light will let them…?). Worrying about height as well, tent is only 5’ tall and there’s an exhaust fan and filter up there as well so light can’t sit all the way at the top. Might move them around so that I can move lamp higher when bloom/stretch starts. Added molasses to the water today. Here’s a pic:
Oh ya, that tent is going to get tight. Looking good so far. I go by the same basic method and has worked well so far minus my own screw ups.
Day 18. Thought I would try to do some
LST. Promptly broke a branch off. So bummed out. Waiting for another few days. Major fail.
Day 19. Continued my LST…carefully this time. Bubblegum seems fine without the branch I broke, it was the bottom node anyway, and since this tent will shortly be too small for all three plants, one branch gone won’t hurt.
A pic:
Good looking ladies so far!! :thumbsup:. Here's the link to my journal 2x2 Fc3000
Mainlining isn’t bad, accidentally did it to an HSO Passionfruit punch photo… those side branches turned into full colas, 8 of them!