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Well I moved over here from grasscity give you guys a little taste of what I'm doing over there

I grow photos and autos.
No offense ment to all you Auto guys.
But I'm not a big fan of Auto. I know I know goddamn me
I'm not saying I won't grown I'm not saying they're bad I'm just saying I'm not a big fan I like my long-term photos but I'm going to keep playing with the autos ain't nun wrong with that and I can grow a lot of them in a season
I grew 10 Autos this year already.

Okay with that being said I'll get started on how I started out this year
back in late February when the ground was still pretty froze I start throwing my Pyle of outside dirt together that I wanted to use in my outside grow
I set up my Pitt and started throwing my amendments in it in the picture you'll see all the Amendments I use plus I use some more I can't remember everything I used I used a lot of shit. Each hole with a part in it. One bag of worm castings and then according to pot size.

(not )

I don't use measurements what the hell kind of Rebel would I be if I use measurements all the time redneck way Michigan hillbilly.
I just threw a whole bunch of shit in a big ass pile stirred it all up with a shovel and let it sit that's exactly what I did I threw a bunch of household waste in it to you no lettuce watermelon rind pickles whatever if it can freaking decomposed it was in there.
So I shoveled it up probably once a month from there up until I used it.
On 4/20 I started popping seeds I had a bad problem with the Muay Thai Super Auto did not pop not one seed look I was upset about that also my candy creams didn't pop so that's 15 seeds down right now. that I had planned to grow I got ahold of seedsman and they made it right.
So anyways not to panic I have lots of seeds so I grab some other seeds that I had from another order that I had placed this year so I popped on Cinco de Mayo.
somango seedsman blueberry seedsman Hawaiian Maui Wowie Nirvana and red diesel Bernie's Farm I also popped a Neville's Haze seedsman .
On May 15th I've set out five white widows Auto seedsman and a devil cream from sweet seeds and popped them.

On May 27th I sent the garden out I had three clones 1 super Citrus Haze from seedsman sage and sour th seeds and an Afghan Kush world of seeds.

The pics that I have laid out are from the time I started making the cage up until around June 15

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This is the 27th of May this is when I put things out in the sun in the garden maybe not necessarily in a pot yet. but they'll be in the pot by the end of the Memorial Day weekend.
I started cracking these seeds on Cinco de Mayo the picture that shows all the seeds were exactly what I was going to plant but due to not popping the candy cream never made it out here the Muay Thai Super Auto didn't make it out here a couple of other one's didn't make it either and I don't remember their names.
So a lot of the seeds didn't get repiped until the 15th of May it's when I put others in so there's a little discrepancy of a couple weeks between some of the plans but overall they all come out the same in the end for whatever reason the younger ones caught up with the older ones very quickly I do believe it's due to the soil.

All the pots are in the ground they all have my amended super soil in them. I say super soil because it's exactly what it is it's a blend of my own again I don't use measurements so it's a handful of this a pinch of that but it's how I do it the plant don't care it will grow and it will grow massive guaranteed long as you're soil is a good soil to start with even if it isn't you can still make good soil with all the Amendments that are available to us through our grow stores you can make anything you just got to know a little bit of knowledge about how much you can use as a certain Amendment and where it should go at in your pot I do things in layers layer of nitrogen High nutrients in the upper layers because that's where the plants going to be first introduced to its veggies life then deeper down in the pot alway to the bottom I have more things geared towards bloom Jamaican bat guano kelp brown sugar so that being said my super soil was pre-mixed when I put it in the pot. Then I put layers of nutrients down as I put my super soil in the pots before I put my plants in now I've never used it top dressing. And I don't practice no till yet maybe something I'm thinking about doing in the future but I'm doing good now I don't know if I want to change a whole lot
I hear people say top dressing all the time I mix my straight into the soil always have I haven't top-dress nothing... well my old lady that's about it.

I guess one of the most important amendments you can put in any soil is worm castings worm castings are like the best thing ever for cannabis plant if you don't put anything else in your soil definitely put worm castings in and put a good kind of worm castings in don't just buy anything off the shelf check it out first Wiggle Worms got to be one of the best ideas but there's a lot of guys out there that make their own you can't beat that each pot has one bag a wriggel worm castings layered throughout the super soil. The super soil itself had at least 3 or 4 bags of it in the pre mix.

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So you might be asking why the cage.
in my state of Michigan any outside grow must be caged and locked rather I wanted to have it or not it had to be done so the cage is at 21 ft long by 12 foot wide by 6 ft and a half tall in most places. I constructed it out of my old chain link fence that went around the property when I replaced it with my privacy fence.

The pots in the ground there is 4 plastic half barrels those are approximately 28 gallons 27 and a half. They each approximately holds 4 bags of soil in each one giving you an idea of how much is in there there's six plastic pots all together there's two black ones that are a 20 and a 25 gallon all the plastic pots have have the bottoms cut out of them with a piece of wire put over the bottom so that the plant can grow through and critters can't get in.
Eastside of the cage there are five fiber pots smart pots. These pots are intact they don't have holes in them this was allowed to let the plant grow through the pot like it normally does when it's above ground but in this case the plant can grow through the pot and into more soil the critters can't get to the pot to the main root Source only they can chew on a little outside one's not so much drastic damage that way.
These pots have super super soil in them and layered inside them and put down in the ground with super soil around them and then back filled with the native soil.

So after I put all the babies in the ground I caged three of them the three clones sage and sour super Citrus Haze and Afghan Kush I put a wire fence over top of them much as you would have scrog net just redneck way I had some extra wire fence laying around hey sent it in a horseshoe shape figured it was big enough to work put it over top of them in a round 18 inches high at the top of the peak of the horseshoe and there it is put a brick on both sides and train the plant to grow through it over time most of these pics are of the sage and sour just because I could recognize it easier than I could the others in my catalog of pictures

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