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Jul 27, 2017
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Hi everyone, name's Yogso, usual mid-20s european stoner on his first grow. I work in graphic design and digital printing, although I'm looking into a complete career change right now.

I've lurked a bit around here, and decided to create an account since I'm encountering problems. But, before asking for help, you gotta introduce yourself, right? Good manners is a lost art.

English isn't my first language so you gotta be lenient with me, I might misunderstand or explain poorly sometimes. Light focus disorder ain't helping either.

I've been smoking for years, and always wanted to grow my own stuff. Finally decided it was time a couple month ago, since everything I could buy here was absolute shit.

I'm growing 2 plants under a mars hydro 300w LED (135W from the wall). In a 2.3x2.3x5.2ft (70x70x160cm) tent (mars hydro aswell). 11L smart pots and Biobizz light mix are my choice, along with Biobizz BioGrow, BioBloom, Top-Max and Alg A Mic. Got 2 DP's AutoBlackberry Kush growing in it right now.

If you got any question, feel free to ask. See you around.
Look forward to seeing some photos
But I grow autoflowers, not photos duh (sorry i'll look for the exit by myself)

Here are the latest pics of my girls. The tallest one went from basic chrlorophyll smell to stinking the whole room in 2 hours. Literally. And i'm only getting my carbon filter tomorrow...


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They look good mate... what age are they in the pics..
Get that carbon filter quick..Safety first..
They're 16 days from sprout today. I'm really surprised it's already smelling that strong. The smallest one isnt in the best shape, wind and/or nute burn. In recovery right now.

Yep i'm going in town tomorrow to get the filter.
The feel when you thought you were buying a cheap filter + extractor and you end up with a 80cm long filter and 820m3/h extractor. No idea how i'll set that up. Maybe set up the extractor to run 30 mins every 2h...

Oh well, 60 euros for both is still a bargain
80cm long filter and 820m3/h extractor.

:rofl: :rofl: ... well it's a bargain if it works.

So you can get a power dimmer - i can't think of the right word for it .... like a volume control for power - and turn it right down so your fan is not running at full volume (which i assume is LOUD) .... it will also extract less.
edit: You'll want the extraciton and carbon filter working 24 hours a day ^_^ - to stop that funky smell!

Saftey first - ask one of the more electrically minded folk here! :D

But in principal - that should work.

Welcome ot AFN! :D Good luck with the grow

It's indeed very loud. Not the engine but the airflow. It's a canfan rkw160L. It seems to be working perfectly. Will get some insulated ducting and some kind of dimmer asap and it should be perfect !