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Jul 8, 2017
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How do I down load the form,, im not very good at this kinda thing,, but i need some info about my one plant thanks keep token
How do I down load the form,, im not very good at this kinda thing,, but i need some info about my one plant thanks keep token
I don't even no myself but for now let me no your problem and we'll try and help.
under where you type your message it says upload a file, find the pictures on you computer threw that.
How do I down load the form,, im not very good at this kinda thing,, but i need some info about my one plant thanks keep token
in between "post reply" and "more options..."
or if you want to start a thread..
click post new thread in the appropriate section...

I can ask them to move this to where you want it and this can be where you post

just read that post again.. I'm a lil baked,
sounds like you want to use the search bar?? top right of the page
Everything was good till yesterday, I notice these spots, I was thinking nut lockout, so I did a flush,, other plants look ok,, my flush was ph at 6.3,, the runoff ph was 6.6,, I'm using a ceramic 315 light, temp 81, at plant level it's 80, humidity is 40-55, I used ffof and happy frog mixed fifty fifty on bottom half of pot top filled with straight hf,, five gallon smart pots,, 20-4 light scheme,, two six inch fans circulating air in tent,, nectar for the gods nutrients,, that's about all


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Maybe you need some cal/mag?

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Nector for the gods is cal based so maybe just the mag,,
:baked: Mo' ---I think he's talking about the Patient Info Form in the Sticky section above this one,...

>> Fox'-- easy to do mate,... go to the highlighted section above here, Infirmary Patient form,... in the first post, look for the red scissors copy and paste line,.. below that is the form, just left mouse click and highlight that part,.. right click and select copy,.. then go to your patient thread and paste it, fill out,... above the red scissors c/p are the info bits for each line that we'll likely need,...
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Ok, here we are,... merged threads too BTW,... interveinal necrosis like that is most likely P defc., whether it was from a pH lockout or a simple lack-of, we can't tell now,... BUT since you used Fuxfarms soil, there's every reason to suspect acidic-off-pH and/or undercooked soil, something they have been notorious for these days,.. you'd be shocked to see how many patients come into here with their issues tracing back to FF soils,,.. HF is a little better, mainly because it's made to be milder than OF.... they are so huge now, they have multiple facilities, so sourcing is a gamble along with quality control,... I recommend getting a quality soil pH probe, like the Accurate 8 (Control Wizard) for in-pot measurements,.. nothing beats this! ..And it has a very good rep' here,..
...noted, the run-off pH after flush, question is will it stay there! There are lots of influencing factors on soil pH, the plant, microbes, breakdown of soil components, lime source,... Using some Ca-Mg that's at least part or totally carbonate based (Ca is not directly involved with pH buffering, it's the carbonate part that is) might help maintain it,... but in any case it needs to be watched,.. using the dubious run-off method is not a good way to get accurate in-pot pH,... it'll give a crude snapshot maybe, IF you take it after using just water, unadjusted,.. but feeds are going to skew results quite a bit,... I don't know their line-up well, but assess what P is going in by both NPK #'s, and the amount of each going in,.. see if you can get a dash more bloom P in there with the grow base nutes,...
Wow thanks a lot I've just learned a lot and will get a soil ph tester