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Oct 4, 2017
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Hi everyone. First sorry for my bad English.
I think I will grow 4-5 autoflowering outdoor next year. My city has a good climate for plants. but as far as I can see, autoflowering do not give yield good outdoor (15-30g). I want 300g or more yield in one go. Can you suggestion of 50-100g yield per autoflowering seed? Do I need to watering plants every day, or watering intermittently? watering intermittently would be problem for plants?

I can't first week growing indoor, so would it be a problem if I growing it directly outdoor after seedling? And I will feed the plants with the TaNgs method. do I need to feed plants every day after the first week or intermittently? Mean 1 day just water one day feed?
Thanks in advance.
I just finished 2 northern lights autos, from 00 seeds, outdoors. Bother were good producers. 1 was 280 grams dry. The top on that plant came out at almost 40 grams by itself. There is an outdoor grow battle that just finished, take a look at some of the plants there for a good size reference. And remember, you and I can grow identical genetics, with drastically different outcomes.

Starting indoor and moving outdoor after they've put on some size, is fairly common. Can't help ya with Tangs feed, as I do my own thing.
Thank you for help bro. northern lights autos which brand? and can you tell me yours feed brand and schedule?
I use similar to tangs schedul and gave the plant 2liters every 3 days and it worked just fine for 100-250gram autos.
Thank you for help bro. If I do not wrong understand wrong every 2 days only water 3rd day feeding?

I give mine feed water from the begginning to the end. When planted directly in the ground the only water only i give them is at the end. Of course how much you have to give them will depend on temperature and humidity. If you live in hot and dry you might have to increase the frequency to watering every 2 days.

So(for me)
Monday - feed plants 2 liters
Tues - nothing
Wed - nothing
Thursday - feed 2 liters
You're really helping me, my friend. I hope everything will be fine. thanks so much
@Agrean -- please check out @912GreenSkell 's guide.
He's our master outdoor gardener here at AFN.
But as for yield... it'll depend on a lot of things.

My advice is to plant many more plants than you plan to harvest.
Say, if you think you want 300g, and get 30g / plant, don't just start 10 plants.
You may lose a few as seedlings, you may lose a few as they grow,
you may lose some to mold, and some just won't yield well at all.

Maybe start 20, get 15-18 nice seedlings, 12-15 into flower, and harvest 10-12.
If you get more than you planned for, great.
Sure beats missing your target by 50%, right?

I started 8 seeds each a different strain this spring.
They all survived to harvest okay, with some doing better than others.
(My second auto season outdoors, but many years growing photos indoors.)
I don't weigh my harvests, but I figure I got about 200-250g.
Had a lot of extremely wet and cloudy weather during the last 4 weeks,
so reduced sunlight meant less flowers, and a fair amount of mold.

You say your city has good growing weather, so good for you!
All the best, amigo!