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Jul 8, 2017
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Does anyone have any info on this strain? Smoke quality,, average total at the end,, any info would be great thanks
Didn't know there was a Hindu auto, who makes it?
Actually one of the closest to flavor kush I'm looking for was a Hindu kush auto from canuk seeds from true north was very small but was mostly under t5s due to space but I'd like to try it again for sure

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White label just released a Hindu kush auto. Sister company to sensi seeds.
I have two HK autos growing right now. I’m at day 67 and they are just starting to show sex. I have LSTed then and have them in a 2x4 tent and have them pretty much taking up the whole tent. I got them from growers choice.
Seems like the growers choice everything is taking 13-17 weeks.
Ya I hear ya there... how's the plants looking? You got a journal?
Ya I hear ya there... how's the plants looking? You got a journal?
No. I really just started on this site. Still very much learning. I thought I had uploaded a picture in the last post but I guess not.

Both are healthy. Some issues here and there but have been able to manage them. I have one plant that keeps popping out leafs with 11 points looks like a real bush. The other one will pop out some leafs with 11 points but is also a real bush. With how much veg time I’ve had they have taken to LST really well.


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