How to Clone an auto and reverse

Mar 3, 2021
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I've never done this before, but this site has been a great help to figure all this stuff out. The plan was to clone a GSC that I only had one seed to, and reverse it to make some fem seeds. Here's how I did it.

I have a GSC auto fem I grew. Right about the time it was starting to show pistils, I took two tiny clones. I put them in a home made DWC cloner. I applied STS to one of them the day I cut them, and then two more times 5 days apart. By this time, they had rooted pretty good. I dusted the roots really good with dirt to try and keep the roots separated, then put them in some FFOF soil in solo cups. By this time, the reversed male has filled up with pollen sacs. I put it together with the female clone to pollinate it, and will help them pollinate as the sacs get a little bigger. I'll end up pollinating a branch on the mother too, since the fem clone is so small.

The clones were very small when I took them, and that shows in their size right now. I'm saving the pollen to try and get some mixes of some other strains I have. This won't be the last one I try this on.

The really short clone in the pic is one of the GSC. The others are some photoperiod plants.


Reversed on the right.

I have had very bad luck with Fastbuds Original Skunk seeds germinating but I finally got two plants to grow from the last two replacement seeds I received and plan on trying this by taking a clone from one of them and attempt to make some feminized seeds. If that doesn't work I will just pollinate from another strain I am currently growing and have already sprayed with STS.

I crossed a few different strains last year with a regular auto male to just get a supply of regular auto strains for breeding purposes just to experiment with. I don't know why I have such issues with a single strain from feminized seeds where I have had zero issues with other strains or regular auto seeds.

I have sprayed a White Widow/Northern Lights cross plant I got from last Summer's seed run twice so far with STS. How long did it take for you to notice male pollen sacs developing after you sprayed your plant?
The GSC took 3 separate sprays, 5 days apart and it had sacs growing. I stopped spraying at that point because the sacs were really well formed, but still took another 8 or 9 days before they started to open.
I actually just collected some pollen to use, and dropped the open jar in the grass. Hopefully some more sacs will open pretty soon. Lol.
I've heard some people have had a hard time with certain strains. Not sure why. I want to try pollinating a Mandarin haze auto with the GSC and see if I get some viable seeds.

Good luck. Hope you get it reversed.
This is the technique ive been sharing on afn for several years now. The possibilities of pheno selection, multiple crosses in small area and as a testing tool for different mediums/nutes are boundless. The really cool thing about an auto clone is that it gives u a heads up on how mom turns out to help select the best traits for the clones. Its awesome to see this being shared. U should have heard all the ppl telling me it was pointless and wouldn't work lol. Now i have worked a ton of my own genetics and created some absolute fire Regs!
Yeah, I've read some of your posts talking about it. Got some real good info from you and a few others. It's great to be able to do it almost like you would a photoperiod. The cuttings I took were real small. The plant started preflowering sooner than I expected, so I took what I could. The mom GSC has turned into a nice plant, so I'm happy with her genes. We'll see how she turns out in a few weeks.
My favorite way to use them is take a bunch of cuts from different moms and throw them all in a breeding chamber w 1 live male. U can put 20 different phenos or strains in a 1x 2 ft chamber then pick the winners.
That's awesome. I need to try that. About how many seeds do you think you get from each of the small clones?