Hurricane Irma, power outages and what to do next.


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May 10, 2017
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Hello fellow Growers! As you know hurricane Irma went through Central Florida causing massive power outages. Because I live outside of town my is supplied water by a well, which means the pump runs on electricity. And because of this my family and I had to bug out for 10 days living in hotels. During that time I went back to my house everyday to aerate the water using an air pump hooked up to my truck I took the water and poured it into the reservoir of my ebb and flow hydro setup. The most I could do for light was hang 4 LED flashlights over the plants for about a half hour each day to give them some sort of light. During the entire outage I saw that my plants we're having issues. Of course the droopy leaves then the tip started drying up and by the time we returned home my crop took a drastic turn for the worse! I was not prepared for this kind of power outage and did the best I could with what I had. Could I have done something different or better?

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No. There was nothing to do, but remain safe and just let it go. Out of your hands entirely. Sorry to say, you must factor the occurence of hurricanes into your grow. Climate change has intensified everything, what was once a rare occurence now happens every year.
I would try to nurse them to finish. If they are alive enough. If not, u just have to start fresh. Im sorry for the problems, irma was tough! No damage to the home i hope!
No damage to the home. Thanks for asking. Just a broken window and a fallen tree. I tried to bring them back but they were just too far gone so I had to harvest them about halfway through their flowering cycle. So now I'm back at square one. FYI, I was growing LSD 25, White Widow, and Blue Dream. All from Seedsman. The only good thing about this is that this was my first hydro grow and I made mistakes along the way. So now starting from scratch I can correct all my mistakes and grow a better crop. Wish me luck!

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