I would love to test one of the two manual presses!

High together,

I harvest in 10 weeks and I´m thinking of buying a manual press.

Anybody has experience with them?

Same here mate :bong: I've had a try with the old hair straighteners with very little success so the next step is a manual press so any input would be great :thumbsup:

All the best

check out the press in my sig.. works very very well and has lots of pressure built for a lifetime. $400 canadian off amazon.
Small but mighty. And the ability to grab it as one unit and head for the 5th wheel is nice. No breaking it down etc. Parchment paper and go.

Lifetime warranty, & I like their upgrade option.
Put mine together for $310.00 USD. I bought 3x5 plate kit for $250.00 on Ebay. I got the 6 ton A-frame from Harbor Freight for $60.00. I used the 25% coupon they give out a few times a year, but they always have a 20%off. Saved me 20 on press, was going to get the 12 or 20 but 6 ton was perfect. I can pick this up and move no problem. It is portable only 19" tall I can keep in my basement hidden easily. 6 tons is more than enough pressure and honestly I dont know where I would have put the 12 or 20. This is a tabletop press and I know a few other folks use this on AFN. I upgraded the jack to a 6 ton Husky for $30 from home depot. Could have gotten cheap but HD is 5 mins and didnt want to wait lol.


It's not fancy, doesn't have any timers or alarms but it does its job! Works awesome makes some nice rosin and lowest price for quality press I've seen. You also get a replacement warranty with the HF press.