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Apr 19, 2017
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so I got a text from a buddy of mine this morning that he needs to get rid of his plant and asked if I could take it. It's a bag seed so I'm unsure of the strain. It's about 2 months old and pretty pathetic looking. He only used a 100w led bulb. I still haven't set my tent back up yet so I just threw it in my closet for now. It's already starting to flower but I doubt it'll produce much. About 2' tall and he trimmed all the lower growth off. Try not to get jealous of my 70's wall paper in my closet lol
That thing is like a stick!!! Its pin straight. Crazy. That thing should have exploded under a proper 100w of LEDs, I suspect more factors are at play. Good luck with it, I'm sure it will be decent, just small. The top looks pretty good though.

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Lol to clarify it was a 100w "equivalent" led bulb that you would use in a lamp. So more than likely it was about 15 true watts.
I hate the equivalent thing. 100w ain't shit, but "EQUAL" to 100w is like a 3w led according to some companies....Lol. Car stereo system amplifiers are the same way. They advertise all these false claims. Like 1000w amplifier!!!! That's the size of a DVD case...Just cheap ass marketing ploy to kook better. Growing is all about wall watts as subwoofer amplifiers are all about RMS power. Most of the "1000watt" Walmart amps for $149 are more like 200 at best....Real 1kw amps are in the $500+ range generally and 3x the size. I hate fake stats!!!! It should be illegal.

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Whatever, anything is a bonus............good luck chum..........eP.
Whatever, anything is a bonus............good luck chum..........eP.
Yeah lol. I just gotta set up my tent a little earlier, was going to wait until the September Mephisto grow comp to do it. This ones not really worth the electricity I'm using haha but he's a good friend.