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Dec 3, 2013
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Hey everyone!

Long time no see. I havent posted in a long time but im sure none of you will know who I am lets get down to business.

I used to have a great setup with everything i could dream of. It truly was my favorite hobby and the equipment helped make it even better. I was growing with 600w hortilux originally in a 4x4x6ft tent. Then over time i went to 2 1000w hortilux in a 4.5x9.5x7ft tent. God those were the days....

Anyways, enough reminiscing. My main question for you all now is how much lighting do I need for the current system im about to looking to do a way smaller op with t5's.

I was thinking of something like a DIY grow area around 3x3x5.5ft. Now for the hard part for me...i did 16 plants in my 4.5x9.5 tent...i did 4-8 plants in my 4x4 tent.

How many plants should i really do in a 3x3x5.5 tent, and how much fluorescent t5's will i need? I really just miss my hobby and no matter what ill be happy with what i get. I still want to maximize efficiency though while staying hidden and staying cheap because finances right now arent all that great.

After all that jabbering my main questions are:

-How many fluorescent bulbs do i need?
-How many plants should i grow in a 3x3x5.5 tent with the fluorescent bulbs?

My best option for fluorescents in my area:
  • Sun Blaze T5 HO Fluorescent Light Fixtures
Fluorescent prices:
2ft 4bulb: 122.95
2ft 8bulb: 216.95
4ft 6bulb: 220.95
4ft 8bulb 260.95

I understand that i put the prices of the 4ft tubing. If i have to make the area a little bigger i wont mind. Just trying to see what you guys think.

Also, it will be grown in RDWC hydoponics with of course air pumps, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Why T5s?

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Well do you have a better idea for inexpensive growing? T5s dont have heat(so i dont have to worry about putting them close or getting a big fan-although i will have one), and also cost way less at first.

I have to be quiet, hidden, amd not have to worry about anything. Long story short i cant do what i used to do because of some sociopath i dated.

Its also about the money. I still have a lot of ny old equipment but it isnt smart to use it for a while.
COBs baby

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4 cobs at about 55w each

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Cobs? Can you explain please?

Im understanding of mh and hps . Nothing else lol

Nvm took me about 5 seconds to google.

Okay do i have to build them myself?

Im up fir anything as long as its not too expensive and it works
About $260.....Will absolutely ruin T5s in terms of performance, reliability, and just about everywhere else. COBs, or chip on board LEDs are the cutting edge of lighting tech. The only thing, ya got to be a little handy, or pay the piper. You can get ready to go COBs for $150 each or so, that plug right in. Its really not too bad. But 4x almost complete Autocobs is only $200, and from there, the Mean Well Driver HLG-240-C1050B, which is $60 or so, depending on where u get it. Besides that, some wire nuts, some electrical tape, some zipties, a little spool of 18awg solid core wire, and a donor 3 prong plug. LOTS of helpful folks here to help u get it set up. Takes about an hour or two, and you won't regret it. Very low heat, CRAZY high PAR watts, extremely efficient, and TOTALLY MODULAR!!!

[HASHTAG]#1[/HASHTAG] is an Autocob on a alum heatsink
[HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG] is what the Citizen Cobs look like
[HASHTAG]#3[/HASHTAG] is the Mean Well driver.

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Also.....Don't date sociopaths. Or psychopaths. Or any other paths without a suit of armor and a very good exit strategy.

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Hell yeah i appreciate it. I stumbled upon the safety diy thread regarding them. I could definitely see myself being interested in building one. I just need the step by step/list of tools to do it! I heard about them a few years ago but i already had my setup good to go.
Also.....Don't date sociopaths. Or psychopaths. Or any other paths without a suit of armor and a very good exit strategy.

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Hahahha trust me i was blinded. Thats what happens when someone is so fake that they lie to you about who they are until all of a sudden you see who they really are. I was in a really bad place mentally at the time too and she just tried to take me down in any way she could when i left.