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Feb 6, 2017
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Wheeeellp, i was planning on waiting until my photo Euforia was done in early Sept, but I can't. Every night as I fall asleep, i can hear the illuminautos in my fridge, pleading,..."plaaaant meeee...pleeeeaaaase..we neeeeeed yoooouu...". I just can't take the guilt anymore. So. I've just put the aforementioned strains in a germ dome. They're in with Euforia, once they sprout I'll move em into my fishtank stand. I'm using some Chinese drivers, I'll have them under 2 gen6 90cri 5700k 1212s, and 2 of the gen5 90cri 2700k 1212, which were on sale for $9 a piece, so I figured I'd mess with these spectrums. They're 25w each. I'll move em into the bigger room when the Euforias harvested...
Here are visual references.
Oh yeah, I'm planning on doing them in 3 gallons using canna coco, and the canna nutrient line up. I'll probly do 24/0, i don't know if autos get problems with light leaks, but the tank stand has a few holes in it, so I'm not gonna risk it. Also, i found these pasta strainers for $1 at tops today. They're a 2 gallon plant pot, pretty much. i might try them as an air pot substitute. I haven't experimented with how they'll hold coco, or how water will drain out of them yet, tho. They seem like they'll be useful for something
Ohhhhhh booyyyyy
I've grown 6 Mephistos, they always sprout in ~36 hours. Also, i ordered a hlg 185 36a I'm gonna use instead of those crappy Chinese ones from my old blurple
I got my driver, this place arrow electronics has great prices, and free overnight shipping.

Since these seedlings are a little boring now, I'll show their roommate, a DP Euforia off, since I'm pretty proud of her lol. This is the best grow I've done so far, I'm getting the hang of reading the plant now. It was a mother plant, i vegged her for about 2 and a half months, and took about 80 clones. It smells EXACTLY like country time pink lemonads. I've had plants that had a fruity smell before, but I just can't get over the smell
20170804_154821.jpg 20170804_154748.jpg
4 or 5 weeks to go...
Haven't encountered twins yet. Not sure what to do but let it grow and see what happens until someone else has better advice lol.
Yeah, i read a post on thcfarmer, a guy let his grow out, they were fine. Thinking of doing them dwc...

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Off topic, i planted a tomato in coco outside in my moms garden. It's 3 times the size of the others I put in dirt at the same time. The big problem is that it rains so much, it never dries out, and alot of nutrients are washed out. I'm gonna do it again next year, but use a bucket, and just cut a hole in the lid for the stem
It's about a month old