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Apr 11, 2017
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Well I got my new grow underway today. Using the @mephisto method of germinating my beans, 100% success, thanks Mitch - I even wrapped them in my Illuminauto T shirt from this last drop. I have chosen to run 2 Mephisto strains, Grape Crinkle and Toof Decay, along with Blackstone. This is also going to be a learning lab for me. 1 of each strain will be grown in Biotabs (Starter Kit plus Boom Boom Spray, thanks @Biotabs F69 ) and 1 of each will be grown in Mephisto Super Soil, with Mammoth P and Optic Foliar. I see many different methods of growing and I thought I would try a comparison grow! These are in my tiny tent Gorilla 2x2.5x4'11" using COB lighting from Timber Grow, I replaced exhaust fan (Can Fan) and filter (Phresh)

Very nice, that set up is cleannnnn.
What size are your fans and filter?

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Thanks @RicanBlazer ! The exhaust fan and filter is a 4". The Monkey Fans 6", not visible is two more 6" clip on fans just to blow across the light, the small tent causes heat issues that I am constantly trying to conquer! The learning process continues!
Well things are starting to move but not really as I expected. I add another Blackstone straight to soil b/c I am not happy with the one in Roots Irganics. I also started 3 HBSS (freebies) just in case some of the others start showing issues. I may have too many for my space but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
This is day eight for the original six and day 4 for the HBSS and Blackstone replacement. I can't believe I have 10 plants, I had the best of plans to just have six for my Biotabs vs Mephisto/ Roots Organics - 3 each. Oh well that Toof Decay in Biobizz/Biotabs is look like it is going to get big, it's leading the pack so far!
Day 16 for original six ( Air-Pots and Large Root Trapper II) day 12 for HBSS (3 on the left side) the small pot in the middle is a Blackstone planted same time as the HBSS. This is my second grow and I really want to learn from it, I'm using different grow mediums and nutrients - it started out as 3 and 3 but my impatience ( and parinoria) caused the other 4 to be started! Oh well, this is where I am and I'm moving forward. I have learned so far that the Biobizz holds moisture much more than the Roots Organics, as you can see from the Toof Decay that appears to have had too much to drink, it looks better now since I haven't given her a drink in a few days now. If any of you AFN'ers have comments about her I would appreciate it, as I'm speculating her condition is over watering. Anyway, I appreciate any critique you are willing to provide as I am learning a ton from the community! Cheers!