Mg deficiency or something else

Sep 27, 2019
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Hi having some issues with beary white she is 23 days old no nutes yet in biobizz lightmix using tap water ph6.7 yesterday i gave her 1.5ml calmag to 1lt water ph at 6.3 don't know if it's Mag issue it's on top fan leafs only I'm usually having this issue with every plant temp is good i think 24c to 25c humidity is 40-50


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Start feeding half dose of veg nutes with calcium at least every other watering.
Hi mate so I'll start with grow 0.5ml and should i use the calmag with it or on plain watering without nutes thank u
If your veg nutes don;t contain any cal/mag then add lite dose with every feeding,and yes just mix it with your nutes.
It's biobizz grow and bloom and calmag that I have I think the grow has enough will try that without calmag and see i can always add it on when the symptoms show again thanks again
Also lower your pH to 6.5. For soil this is recommended :cheers:
I've found that using BioBizz Light I need to start feeding (using full strength) after about 2 weeks or even less. Using ≥4 gallon pots, the plants can go 3 or even more weeks without actually needing watering. But starting at about 2 weeks, I add enough feed water to keep the soil wet/damp with no drainage, with this lowly increasing the concentration of nutrients, the concentration going up as the original water is consumed or evaporates.

So far, this is working for me. I'm in a fairly standard setup - small tent, AutoCOBs, 4-5 gallon pots, etc. I am using only Adv. Nutr. Connoisseur Coco Bloom (modified TaNg method) or 2-part MegaCrop from the very start to end. In most recent grows, I've been using 2 g/L (1/2 strength) Adv. Nutr. Connoisseur Coco Bloom with minimal supplements (microbes, kelp, enzymes, sometimes P-K boost in bloom). I do not add any calcium, magnesium, and have stopped all foliar feeding (see no need), which I used to do several times/week in coco.