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Sep 12, 2018
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Website Test FAQ: It’s long but read it, it’s important!

Dear Mephheads,

After some months of hard work and a heap of internal testing we’re finally able to unleash our new webpage to the masses.

We will go live on Monday the 23rd at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific time.

Apart from browsing, you’ll be able to do a few things! You can make a user account, sign up for the newsletter and checkout a product.

You will be able to add to cart and checkout a ZERO cost ($0.00) digital product. This will allow you to download a pdf containing a 10% discount code to use when the store goes live with the first real opening.

On Monday the 23rd, we WON’T have any seeds for sale, but we would like to simulate a shop opening to test that the page is secure and doesn’t crash. So, we would really appreciate it if as many Mephheads as possible can check out our new page.

We have a completely new newsletter system and due to the headaches experienced by many with the old, we haven’t copied over any data or old subscriber lists. So we would appreciate it if you would sign up again.

Setting up a new user account on the test opening will facilitate easier shopping for you at our next opening.

This test opening is for the US ONLY. Once we have a successful first try with the US, we will repeat the same process for Canada and the UK stores etc.

Please stay patient if you are not based in the US, we will soon be open again for everyone.


Mitch and Tim

FAQ – Test opening

Why is it US ONLY?

The US store has by far and away the most users/traffic/purchases and was the most problematic in the past. So if this works without issue we can start to rollout the other smaller stores using the same process.

All subsequent regions will be able to obtain the discount code for their first opening with seeds.

I’m based in Canada/EU/UK/WW and I’m really curious to see the new page, but once I try to go on the US page I am redirected to my local page. How can I have a sneak peak?

In our new webpage we have geolocation-based redirect system integrated, because previously we had too many problems with customers trying to order on the US page and at check-out they couldn’t select their country. This, however will also mean that you guys from Canada/EU/UK/WW can’t yet get on the new page! But as mentioned above, once the test is successfully completed for the US, we will create new stores for the other regions. Please stay patient we promise we will be back soon for everyone.

We know of course it’s possible to circumnavigate the geolocation-based redirect system, however, If non-US customers get on the page, PLEASE DON’T make a user account, or subscribe to the newsletter. This will only cause problems for YOU in the future, as the newsletter is also setup and grouped geographically, and so you run the risk of not being subscribed or receiving newsletters not relevant to yourself going forward.

Why is it a scheduled reveal of the new page and not just live already?

We DO NOT want this new site to be a baptism of fire for ourselves or you. We want people to be able to sign up correctly with no pressure and make sure all your i’s are dotted and t’s crossed, to again avoid future problems.

Why are there no seeds on sale?

Because we want to stress test the system first before we do a normal opening to prevent any hiccups concerning the customer accounts and check-out process.

Are the strains under the ‘next Monday drop section’ the strains which are actually on sale for the next Monday opening?

No, we will send out as usual the Friday before a live opening a newsletter and repost on our social channels, with the upcoming seeds for sale and update the webpage again. We now just chose those strain pictures, because those are the first pictures from our new in-house photographer, they are styled with our new design and we wanted to show off his first work . Give him a follow on Insta if you like his work! @kalepa_grows

When do you have seeds on sale again?

Once we have done the test opening in the US, all being well we will go back to our Mephisto Monday openings.

How will I receive my discount code?

Please purchase the product ‘Digital discount code’ at no cost. Once the checkout is done, you will be able the download a pdf with the discount code.

Do I need to create a new user account?

Yes, we are not copying any data over from the old system to start with a clean slate and also not to risk any data privacy breach.

Why do I need to create a new user account? I can’t do guest check out for the discount code.

Previously we had the problem that customers would enter the wrong details in a rush situation with the drops, and we had then later to correct the data. So, with everyone setting up their account with the test opening, it will make it easier and quicker for you to check out the following opening when we have seeds back on sale.

I had previously subscribed to the newsletter. Do I need to subscribe again?

Yes, please subscribe again. We are not copying over data from the old system and are starting fresh!

I have subscribed to the newsletter, but I am not receiving anything.

Please don’t use a VPN when signing up for the newsletter. Once you signed up you will receive a confirmation email with a link, then click on the link in the email to confirm your newsletter subscription. Please check out all your folders, promotions, junk, spam incase the confirmation gets filtered there.

If after checking the above you don’t have a confirmation, please email so we can check on our end.

Where is the new strain guide?

Now we have a new interactive strain guide that allows you to filter our strains using the parameters that suit your needs, with more information right on the product card. We are also currently working on a new strain guide in PDF version for you to download which will be released once we’ve finished all the work for the webpages.

Where should I give feedback on the new site?

If anyone experiences any technical difficulties with the site, it would be super useful if you could provide us with the following details for us to investigate.

1.) what device are you using, mobile/tablet/desktop/laptop

2.) what browser?

3.) where on the site and what was the issue exactly? - a screenshot as well as a description would be extra helpful.

If the above information could please be emailed to that would be grand!

Also any input, any spelling mistakes or suggestions for improvements are welcome.

Cheers from everyone at Mephisto Genetics!
Very much looking forward to checking out the new UK website, cheers.
I guess we'll see tomorrow!
It's 1:23 PM. I was late to the party but went over. Page loaded a little slow but came up with the cool animated turning plant. Scrolled down collection, everything looked cool and I added promo to cart as I came to it. This took me to sign up page, where I created account. That went smooth though it kicked me out after hitting submit to create account to main page. No confirmation or text. I thought it was error but when I went back to cart I can see I was signed in. Then I went to add billing info. Fields worked for me to manually enter but my browser extensions didn't work to auto fill like most forms. (Using Firefox). Once filling everything out, I was able to check out successfully.

Return to home button did bring my back to main page where I continued to explore page now that I had successfully checked out though very slow to load. My cart still showed the promo code in it even after successful check out. Going under my account after check out shows the order did go through. I received 3 emails. One for account creation, one for newsletter and one for my order. So all in all everything seems to work well.
I love being able to see all the strains even if they aren't available. Each field appeared to work great, I didn't have time to click on each strain but overall everything looks great

Editted to add I also got the digital download email which took me to site to download coupon, all worked well.

Final feedback:

Some type of landing page or confirmation text may aid in eliminating confusion when hitting submit in creating an account.

Making your address and payment fields recognizable for fillable extensions would be desirable (Firefox)

In this simulation a successful check out did not remove the product from the shopping cart afterwards
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Everything worked well on Win10 and Firefox
New website is live! Use this thread for feedback please!
Is the promo staying in my shopping cart even after I complete the "purchase" (twice, both times with successful email confirmations), the way its supposed to work in order to have it there for my next purchase, or is that a glitch?